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We partner with writer and publicist Adam Eisenstat to offer professional assistance in creating your best possible artist statement.


Artist Statement Writing Services


Have you ever tried to write your own artist statement?


Writing can be difficult at best, but to explain what you do in a single page, to an unseen audience — how do you make it work for and not against you? Make no mistake: a weak artist statement can sabotage your marketing drastically, even when everything else is perfect.


Is your artist statement helping or hurting your marketing efforts?


  • Do you find it difficult to be concise in explaining your work?
  • Do you agonize over the perfect words to describe the visual ideas you’ve always approached non-verbally?
  • Is writing itself an utterly frustrating chore for you, like using an unfamiliar set of tools?
  • Is your lack of a bold and clear artist statement preventing you from expanding your marketing in ways that you know are necessary?
  • Do you believe that your art completely “speaks for itself”; and find it hard to imagine that an artist statement could ever illuminate your work in any significant way?
  • Do you ever think that an artist statement doesn’t really matter, that it’s only a marketing routine and doesn’t warrant much effort or concern?


What Is an Artist Statement and Why You Need a GOOD One?


  • An artist statement is a concise description of your work and your background, intended to define you as an artist to anyone you are trying to interest in your work.
  • Any outlet for your work—gallery, grant, fellowship, etc.—will almost certainly require an artist statement with your application.
  • A good artist statement explains your work quickly and forcefully; it contains only the essentials
  • It also enhances your work, adding texture and context; and highlights what is distinctive about your art.
  • A good artist statement will make people more interested in you as an artist and in your work.
  • If you want to make an impact as an artist, you have to make your marketing count; a professionally written artist statement is a crucial part of your whole presentation as an artist.


How You’ll Benefit from a Professionally Written, Customized Artist Statement


  • As an artist—even if you write well—you may be unsuited to produce an effective artist statement; you’re simply too close to the work and know too much about it.
  • Our writer, Adam Eisenstat, will bring an objective eye and a rigorous approach to your artist statement.
  • He can home in on the essential aspects of your work and uncover associations you may not have noticed.
  • A professionally written, customized artist statement will tell your story the way you want it to be told.


The Perfect Artist Statement: A Foolproof Method

(Your Worries are Over)


Your customized artist statement is created through a time-tested, highly regarded process, designed to produce a vital marketing piece; written exactly to your specifications and optimized to fit your objectives. Here’s how it works:

  • The writer will review any artwork, notes, ideas, etc. provided by you (with the aid of a general questionnaire sent beforehand);
  • Then he revises the general questionnaire, based on his own notes and yours, creating a customized questionnaire for a . . .
  • Phone interview (one hour max. . . . artists who have gone through it love this part of the process—which routinely uncovers truths about their art they had ever imagined);
  • A draft of the statement is written and sent to you for your review;
  • Then it’s edited based on your feedback (up to two revisions); and
  • Finally your customized artist statement is finished.


About Our Writer  


Adam Eisenstat Thanks to years of experience as a journalist, creative writer, and marketing communications professional, Adam Eisenstat has forged a reputation as exceptional storyteller, expert interviewer, and persuasive communicator. Writing for artists is a longtime specialty of his. He was Director of Communications at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, the largest private art college in the U.S. As a freelance writer/communications consultant, he has written countless artist statements, bios, grants, and more. His numerous clients over the year have ranged from first-year art students to fashion photographers and conceptual artists in the furthest reaches of the avant-garde.


Artist Statement Silvana LaCreta RavenaAdam’s writing highlighted the most appealing qualities in my work, because he was able to express complex ideas in simple words. He was professional, meticulous, and effective. I particularly liked the interview he conducted with me. The work he did for me reflected the creativity and substance I try to put into my own work. – Painter Silvana LaCreta Ravena


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What Clients are Saying …


Sheona Hamilton-GrantI enjoyed working with Adam and was impressed by the ease of the whole process. I loved the style, rhythm, clarity of his writing when I first saw it, and the way he adapted it to my artist statement really exceeded my expectations. He combines outstanding writing skills with a methodical and professional approach—he takes the time to fully understand his subject. – Graphite artist, Sheona Hamilton-Grant



Artist Statement Atticus AdamsThe statement Adam wrote for me was just what I was looking for; the first draft he sent was the final draft—I didn’t change a thing. I think that’s because he made a serious effort to really understand my work—with the questionnaire he sent, then the interview. The whole process was smooth and effective. – Sculptor, Atticus Adams



Adam improved my artist statement to the point where I now feel more confident approaching galleries that may be interested in what I do. Before, I had a hard time finding the right words to describe my art, but his writing helped present me and my work in a much more professional manner. – Painter, Erica Moen-Eberspacher

The artist statement Adam did for me describes the essence of my work beautifully. His writing is of the utmost quality, a pleasure to behold. – Painter, Katina Desmond

I am over the moon happy with the artist statement Adam wrote for me! Seeing the final product, I can really appreciate his insight, patience, and perseverance. I am delighted that I chose to work with him on this. – Sculptor, Leslie Begert