Featured Artist Leann Webb

Artist Leann Webb shares her portfolio and the pleasure she takes in cartooning. Meet Snevel, her favorite snail and star of the show – and visit Leann’s website for more of her work.

I’ve enjoyed drawing since the first time my pudgy little hand picked up a crayon. I occasionally dabble in paintings of landscapes and other subjects my primary love is cartoons and humorous illustrations.

Sometime during the mid-1980s I allowed my mind to wander off to where a snail was complaining to a friend that he was feeling a bit sluggish that particular day.




That snail turned out to be named Snevel and I soon learned he was quite the athlete, riding skateboards, skydiving and he even tried baseball one time.




Snevel also has his own fan page on Facebook!


Bad Luck Bob


I drew for fun for years then I decided to try doing what I love for a living. Hard work and perseverance is starting to pay off. Over the past year or so I have been doing illustrations to accompany some blog posts for a writer friend, Bill Rosen.


Turtle Love


It was through his acquaintance that I was asked to co-illustrate his upcoming book, Bowlful of Laughs. It is a collection of humorous short stories about everyone’s favorite room of contemplation, also known in some circles as “The Loo.” It is scheduled to be in print this summer.


Farmer Pumpkin Butt


Earlier this year I became Art Director of Alycat Publishing, the publisher for Bowlful of Laughs.


Cave Snails


My cartoon snail community has been busy as well, experimenting with new sporting events as they capture Snevel’s fancy. Most recently, I’ve been working on a series of famous snails from history, including snail versions of Julius Caesar,


Julius Snevel


Leonardo da Vinci,


Leonardo Da Snevel


Edgar Alan Poe,


Snevel Allen Poe


Thomas Edison


Thomas Snevelson


and Florence Nightingale


Florence Nightingsnail


While I am in between books, I’m thinking about getting back to the historical snail series. I’m currently considering Amelia Earhart (or Snailhart) for the next project. After that I’ll either be working on Alycat Publishing’s next book or…who knows?  Snevel may decide to take up basketball!



  1. Bill Rosen says

    Nothing inspires like inspiration and with such a contagious attitude, Leann makes me want to stop what I’m doing and go create something this minute.

  2. How much more adorable can a snail be? A cowboy snail mending fences or a farmer snail tying up hay with snailing wire. A folksinger snail in Nashville snailing on his banjo? The poor homeless snails living off old snail bread behind the bakery? Maybe postman snails delivering snail-mail? Or detective snails following criminals down their snail-trail? School-age snails afraid to snail an exam? A meteorologist snail watching snail pellets dropping from the sky? Yes, the sky’s the limit – but this artist will no doubt pre-snail.

  3. gra howard says

    Hello Buggalugs and snevel. ;0) xxx

  4. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/WebbWoman/FinalCover_zpsce1bf2e4.jpg
    The much awaited volume, Bowlful of Laughs has finally been published! It’s been available at your favorite book store since about the middle of June. To make it easier to find, check out the Amazon link below:

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