Featured Artist Alice Arisu

Artsy Shark presents an interview and portfolio of Italian artist Alice Arisu. You can see more information about her on her website.

What are your goals? Communication. It may sound obvious, but this has been my main goal from the very beginning. I wanted to handle many subjects from a new, effective, different point of view, to make people truly understand what I meant to say. For example, I guess some of my works could be used as social ads for eating disorders, while many real ones are just ineffective if not inappropriate (I’m writing my degree thesis about this).

What are you working on now? I’m still working on the “Sin Cara” (“Faceless” in Spanish) project, part of which was already displayed in Madrid – it can be seen here. Starting from ads, famous paintings or photos I shot myself, I want to transmit a sense of anxiety related to the loss of identity due to many aspects of modern society (the vintage but still actual “American-style” perfect family, cosmetic surgery, pressure in general, and such). It’s not as direct as I did before with the “Natural is not in it” series. This time I want the message to be subtle and therefore unconsciously assimilated, just like a subliminal message.

What inspires you? Ads, magazines for women and media in general, because of the matters I like to reflect about in my artworks. They truly represent a mirror of our society in my opinion. The sicker the source, the greater the inspiration. I must also admit I’m often inspired by brilliant sentences in songs (the whole “Natural is not in it” project was inspired by a “Gang of Four” 1979 song). I listen by chance to these amazing lines which summarize hundreds of sketches, ideas, confused thoughts of mine…and gosh, sometimes I’d so prefer to be a writer.

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