Featured Artist Lilianne Milgrom

The direction and aesthetic of the work is invariably determined by the subject itself…When a viewer genuinely connects with my art, be it on an intimate or an immersive scale, I feel tremendously fulfilled and uplifted.

Featured Artist Erik Abel

One of the goals for my art is having the courage to continue growing and changing as an artist. Boundaries need to constantly be pushed—otherwise the art begins to die.

Featured Artist Kim Vergil

All artwork has its job to perform and mine is to unleash a sense of energy source into the space that surrounds it, making its contribution by engaging human interaction through interpretation.

Featured Artist James Robert White

My paintings naturally depict complexity. They provide the viewer with a feeling of connection with the world around us.

Featured Artist Caroline Deeble

I believe through my paintings the viewer can connect with nature, it’s gentle rhythm, its immense power and its cleansing ability to calm the soul.

Featured Artist Jak Ruiz

Each piece is like a musical arrangement of sorts where the canvas, time of day, temperature, my temperament, the paint and the brush all play off each other to create harmony.

Featured Artist Karen Lehrer

Currently, I am inspired by the natural world, such as eroded surfaces that have been weathered by time, and the neutral colors found in sand and stone.

Featured Artist Shayla Maddox

I work with acrylic and mixed media (including sand, glass, wax and phosphorescent pigments) to create paintings that morph with the sun all day and glow brightly into the night. My art is best viewed in person where it can be seen from different angles and interacted with.

Featured Artist Melissa Karine Jacobs

The combination of viewing kinetic art accompanied by acoustics or being able to interact with a piece guides a unique and personal experience.

Featured Artist Joanne Schoener Scott

In my studio, not much planning is happening after I have decided on a subject for a painting. Like my own personality, my work is restless, volatile and expressive; it takes on its own life, bursting forward, making mistakes!

Featured Artist Yvonne Welman

As a painter and a teacher I want people to understand we need a world with high moral standards and to show compassion! Learn from history. I am often indignant about what is happening in society.

Featured Artist Mindy Colton

Capturing the essence, spirit and natural expression exhibited by horses, not just the realistic representation and using their images to elicit a feeling or mood is essential to my work.

Featured Artist Jeanne Rhea

Working with inks in the manner I have chosen is challenging due to the unpredictable process, but it is
rewarding to discover new possibilities and designs.

Featured Artist Martha Zmpounou

What inspires me to draw and paint is whatever happens when my imagination clashes with my everyday life—it’s the cross breed of these two that urges me to create my images.