Featured Artist Linda Laino

To be “in” that magical space of experience and to come out of it with something to give to the world is both the artist’s gift and reward.

Featured Artist Scott Troxel

In terms of style and subject matter for both mediums, I am mostly an abstract, non-objective artist. I do tend to blur the line between minimalism, color field painting, the hard-edge school and constructivism.

Featured Artist Tim Phelps

The essence and act of mandala creation has pulled me in and delivered just as advertised. Mandalas are engaging, thought provoking, meditative and joyful tools.

Interpreting the Human Figure

I have a raw style that captures expression with the simplest techniques/materials while exemplifying a volume of richness to every piece.

Featured Artist Simon Williams

I want people to experience a new way of seeing, and I attempt to shift your visual hierarchy by enhancing textures and objects normally discarded or overlooked.

Featured Artist Laura Lein-Svencner

The paper making sessions are important as they allow me to freely express what is going in my environment and what is presently going on inside of me emotionally. It totally amazes me that within a few days how much of a difference the paper makes.

Featured Artist Sarah Mandell

The art of needle felting is something I discovered about ten years ago and have learned to love by practicing every day.

Featured Artist Cecelia Feld

My work, in printmaking, painting and collage is about exploring relationships. There are references in my work to the textures, colors, lines and shapes of my encounters in the real world.

Featured Artist C. Tanner Jensen

I believe art is a very personal thing that is played out in a public arena. For the artwork to be meaningful to an individual, it needs to make a connection with them.

Featured Artist Wyanne Thompson

My challenges inspire me to create art that makes art that’s fun, playful and joyful. I hope it makes people happy and reminds them not to live life on auto pilot.

Featured Artist Lilianne Milgrom

The direction and aesthetic of the work is invariably determined by the subject itself…When a viewer genuinely connects with my art, be it on an intimate or an immersive scale, I feel tremendously fulfilled and uplifted.

Featured Artist Erik Abel

One of the goals for my art is having the courage to continue growing and changing as an artist. Boundaries need to constantly be pushed—otherwise the art begins to die.

Featured Artist Kim Vergil

All artwork has its job to perform and mine is to unleash a sense of energy source into the space that surrounds it, making its contribution by engaging human interaction through interpretation.

Featured Artist James Robert White

My paintings naturally depict complexity. They provide the viewer with a feeling of connection with the world around us.