Featured Artist Larry Berko

I am moved by the ocean and the people and objects on and in it. It is mostly exploration of the paint, though, that motivates me. The viewer should see the paint as much as the image.

Featured Artist Sam Brown

My love of the Southwest, not surprisingly, has inspired my own inner tribal symbology which you’ll see reflected in much of my artwork.

Featured Artist Marcelo Neira

When I successfully capture the person’s character in a portrait, it is a real thrill because it reveals the whole and complex personality.

Featured Artist Mystele

I work intuitively and abstract my subjects from the chaotic mixed media grounds I create. I’m inspired by my childhood, my ethnicity, my affinity for old things and the landscape of Northwest Texas where I grew up.

Featured Artist Jan Fagan

For me, that simple advice continues to inspire gratitude, a sense of wonder and the belief that magic may just be possible if you believe it. It is that very feeling of child-like wonderment and magical possibilities I love to express in my artwork.

Featured Artist Patricia Bingham

My eyes are drawn to repeating patterns and colors, and they’re everywhere! If you look closely enough it’s as though the whole world is upholstered in exotic fabric. This is how I’ve arrived at my current abstract pieces.

Featured Artist Paulapart Pino

Acoustics, the study of how sound and vibration pass through a space, became the new focus of my artistic pursuits so I started making acoustic sculptures.

Featured Artist Jeannette Sirois

At the same time, for me, art must also be about issues that have deeper meaning, ones directly connected with how we interact and treat each other. Issues of race and equality have been a prominent part of my work, and I often use words on figures to move the message along.

Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Carlos Mercado

My work is inspired by nostalgia and Caribbean iconography. I like to reinterpret the past and look at it with fresh eyes.

Featured Artist Sharon Sayegh

My paintings have layers of meaning and there is a lot of symbolism in them as well as narrative running through them. Inspiration is everywhere for me.

Featured Artist Sima Schloss

I get my inspiration from my own life experiences, but from my students as well. Getting to know them and listening to their stories of their history of immigration situations gives me so many ideas.

Featured Artist Douglas Deveny

I like to use geometric forms and simple squares because they tend to have little emotional baggage or attachments associated with them.

Featured Artist Brigitte Polemis

With our fast-paced life style in a light-speed technology environment we have resulted in a mechanized, shallow, homogeneous world, leading to a cruel and irrevocable path toward an uncertain future.