Featured Artist Hank Keneally

Creating art is my “joy juice.” I create every day. This gives me learning delights—about myself, the world and “the face behind the face” in viewing life with more depth.

Featured Artist Dennis Ruble

My current body of dimensional and flat-panel paintings explores the contrast of hard-edged graphic lines and shapes against free-form abstract elements. The shadows projected on the wall become an essential part of the piece.

Featured Artist Sara Slee Brown

My work explores choices and promises that we make in life. It is an exercise in exploring the known versus the unknown; patience, waiting; the fear and excitement of thresholds and transitions.

Featured Artist Robin Okun

My art reflects my life as a somatic psychotherapist, writer, and mother. The female form is my recurring theme, my connection to my own body is my instrument and color is my portal to creativity.

Artist Showcase Winter 2018

From oils and pastel to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artist’s passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Vincent Mattina

I’ve also become interested in Steampunk and recycled art which works well with my love of surrealism…I have integrated the two mediums of digital and found-objects into mixed media assemblages.

Featured Artist Abigail Andre

I use art to help me process all I’ve seen and try to understand why we destroy our natural resources.

Featured Artist Sheila Kern

I like to create paintings that draw you in, into another world or a better feeling place, maybe a new place you’ve been trying to get to all along but didn’t know until you stepped into it.

Featured Artist Andrew Pisula

It is so exhilarating to see someone react to something that I have made, so gratifying to have conversations about how and what I do, and so unexpected to have that be so fulfilling.

Featured Artist Patrice A. Federspiel

Creating art is a dream come true. Creating art in Hawaii is total inspiration! Mystery and magic are key words for my art and for me.

Featured Artist MarianneB Van Der Haar

I am particularly known for my color flow, but every time I work with my tools of choice—whether they are brushes, plastic cards, scrapers, palate knives or simply my fingers—the result is always a new artistic surprise.


Many artists find themselves inspired by the places they have visited. Enjoy the following scenes from around the world that caught the imagination and the passion to create. Click each name to visit that artist’s website.     Fiona Hind This image of the “Black Forest in the Mist” is a familiar scene in The […]

Featured Artist Stephen T. Johnson

These compositions invite explorations of a complex topographical world where colors, textures and movement engage both eye and mind.

Featured Artist Gail Glikmann

In recent years, I have become fascinated with found objects, especially things that I have uncovered in junk yard. These include mosaics, metals and e-waste to name a few.