Featured Artist Michael Leadingham

Ready to journey to fantastical worlds? Check out the website of freelance artist Michael Leadingham, who is pursuing a career illustrating book covers and licensing his work. Enjoy!

What is your goal?

My main goal is to create art that lets people feel as though they are getting a glimpse through the looking glass. Painting, and world creating is my wonderland.

I feel as long as I continue learning and improving, and bringing people joy from my art, then everything else will fall into place.

What are you working on now?

I am currently re-doing a cover piece for Virtual Tales Publishing that was put on hold last year. I am the senior artist for Virtual Tales Publishing. I get a great deal of satisfaction also working with indie authors.

What inspires you?

Many of the fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta  Keith Parkinson, and Todd Lockwood are so inspirational to me. They way their art tells a story is one of the most important elements an artist can learn. In my opinion no one does it better than them.

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