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My art career can be compared to Roy Hobbs in The Natural.  As a young man I was a talented artist with prospects, but my career got diverted on the eve of my first New York show. After returning from Mexico, I pursued a writing career which led me to the business world, becoming an in-house “ad agency” for The Chromaline Corporation in the screen print industry, and since 1996 for AMSOIL INC., the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic motor oils. I’ve won awards for both writing and business achievements. My creative writing has been translated into four languages and my articles have been read on all continents with the possible exception of Antarctica, where penguins are still struggling to understand my poem “Hitchhiking Across Antarctica.”



My first art classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art when I was five established patterns of observation that have remained with me to this day. I received a liberal arts degree from Ohio University in 1974, with an emphasis in the fine arts.



Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I grew up in New Jersey, where I was influenced by the New York gallery scene in Manhattan. A published author, story teller, stand up comedian, and mythical creation, I currently live in Northern Minnesota where I’ve converted my garage into an art studio. Influences include Dali, Matisse, Duchamp, Picasso, Magritte, Rivers and Rauschenberg, among others.


I began my Ennyman’s Territory blog in 1997, with a primary focus in recent years on arts and culture in addition to creative expression. In February 2010, I initiated my Many Faces of Ennyman art blog. Both blogs are recipients of near daily activity. The unique feature of Ennyman’s Territory was the combining of art/illustration and design to my daily excursions as a writer. After more than two years, I was encouraged to frame and show my work. My first show in 2009, a retrospective, had more than 130 pieces. In 2010 I have had five more shows with much new work.


What Others are Saying

“Within the wide array of human perceptions, many insights are so commonly experienced and articulated that they become cliché. They may reveal fundamental aspects of human nature, but they do not stretch the mind. Ed Newman’s visions—whether manifested in visual art or literary work—transcend the ordinary. They can be exhilarating, they can be disturbing, but they are never pedestrian. I leave it to the viewer of Ed’s art to decide how much of the experience emanates from the artist’s choices and how much of it flows from the viewer’s psyche. However, creating a context in which this level of intellectual adventure can flourish is no small feat.”

– John Heino, president and CEO, Como Oil & Propane

“I love his work because some of it seems to be out of control. But I know that is not the case; his brush work is that close to the line of losing control, yet he maintains control.  This allows him to use the unexpected, the spontaneous, the unpredictable to his advantage; to say what may not be say-able any other way. This is what excites me about Ed’s art.  And illustrating his own articles is truly groundbreaking in this field.  This is what makes Ed’s work exciting to me.  It is unique.

– Elliot Silberman, artist, musician, Icehouse Studios


  1. Thanks for profiling Ed’s work as well as his interesting history, Carolyn. You always find such interesting artists to profile here.

    I see that he is now in my own proverbial regional back yard and enjoying our very traditional, old fashioned, winter this year filled with snow and early polar cold. Can’t wait to see more of his work both literary as well as brushwork.

  2. I have a hand painted vase. On the bottom it is engraved with the name Shlom??/Edward Newman. Has anyone seen anything like this? It is etched glass with a very pretty hand painted design of turquoise, gold and magenta colors.

  3. Must be another Ed Newman, though I’ve dome some hand painting on a few bowls and ceramic masks.

  4. Constance Lyons says

    From researching screen print artists, I may have found you to be the right artist. I have an original screenprint of a boy in a yellow and orange shirt running by another boy – repeated in 12 squares. the images are neck to shoes only with small black buildings in the background. Is this yours? It is signed in pencil and is 185/ of 250.
    Do you think this is yours? Is there a value I could attach to it?

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