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Artsy Shark present the lovely portfolio of portrait artist Kate Bradley.  Visit her website and blog for more information about her work.



Kate Bradley is an artist who paints still lifes, portraits and figurative oil paintings in the realist tradition. “Painting is about communicating my unique creative vision, the one that only I can express, to the viewer. My work is most effective when my perspective is clear I am in complete control of my medium. The purpose of my art is to uplift the mind and soul of the viewer through the beauty of the subject and the handling of the paint.”



She exhibits her work in local galleries and retail venues as well as national publications. Her work can be found in private and public collections, such as the Liberal Arts College of Auburn University, where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. After a brief foray into the business world following graduation, Kate continued her studies at the Florence Academy of Art where she studied portraiture and figure painting in the classical tradition. Kate was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where she now lives and works with the help of her two feline studio assistants, Smokey and Louise, though the lack of opposable thumbs make their contributions somewhat limited. When she is not painting Kate can be found reading Jane Austen novels (and watching their film adaptations), vintage shopping, or sampling the local cuisine.



Artist Statement
My paintings combine the real and the abstract; flat planes of color juxtaposed with modeled, three-dimensional forms draw on different styles of art and create a surface that seems to undulate. The excitement comes from discovering interesting color combinations and pushing the form so that it becomes more expressive and less representational.  I love to combine patterns, textures, thin lines and modeled forms.



Objects that are quiet and seemingly mundane are often my subjects.  I look for something unique and try to find a way to present it so that it looses its identity and its associations. In this way, it expresses more than what it is. It becomes a mystery, an enigma, a question mark for the viewer to impose his meaning upon, and therein lies the beauty, both in life and in art. It is ultimately, an elevation.



  1. Wonderful work!

  2. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot from this artist. Compelling work. Made me want to look at every portrait on her website!

  3. Thanks so much Victoria!

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