Featured Artist Jean Alfafara-Laszuk

Enjoy the charming, colorful portfolio of featured artist and painter Jean Alfafara-Laszuk. See more images of her work by visiting her website.



Jean is an island girl born in the Philippines and raised in California.  “Living by the ocean is a privilege I never take for granted.”  Growing up in San Francisco as a child, whether it was crabbing and fishing with her twin brother, who is a fishing gear designer, or just hanging out at the ocean, Jean has always been fascinated by waves — their beauty, power, transparency, color, sound and play of light.



Ever since Jean was a little girl, she always knew she was growing up to be an artist.  She believes that schooling is an important tool but believes the “artistic eye” is God inspired.  Although Jean graduated from San Diego State with a graphics art degree, most of her painting has been self-taught through books and experimentation.



Jean’s work is always colorful, exciting, exuberant and mood evoking.  She has exhibited in galleries and her paintings are in private collections.  She believes that one of the best things about art is that it transcends you out of your world and into a land of dreams and make-believe.



When not painting, Jean can be found boogey boarding with her family, swimming, walking her dogs, playing tennis or enjoying a delicious meal with a cup of exotic tea in hand prepared by her tea expert and gourmet-cooking husband.



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