Featured Artist Jina Wallwork

Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of artist and mystic Jina Wallwork. She has exhibited internationally with some of the finest contemporary artists. See her website for more images and information about this fascinating painter.



Art has always been a personal form of expression. I have always used it as a tool to understand myself, the people around me. Painting is a place for me to understand my own emotions and explore my thoughts in depth.




My uses for painting are as broad as those emotions. Painting is a language that allows me to speak in ways that are not possible with words.




“Through painting, you find a language that is a unique reflection of who you are. Exploring the symbolism of what you create allows for the discovery of gold, deep within the core of your being. When I look at my paintings, I see them differently as time goes by.




As the years pass, I look at the paint, and it has captured who I was at a specific time. I can feel the emotions that I felt when the painting was produced. I begin to remember my thoughts as I moved the brush along the surface.




In many ways, the painting disappears before me and I see myself. Who I was is captured in a moment, and I acknowledge my past. I can see the path I travelled to find myself here.” –Taken from my book VISION

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