Featured Artist Kate Carvellas

Artist Kate Carvellas creates mixed media assemblages of found treasures, combined in fascinating ways. Visit her portfolio on Artslant for more from this artist.


I love old, rusty, broken, vintage things. Stuff I find on the street, tossed thoughtlessly aside by others.  I find great joy in creating work that brings together the disparate and often discarded things of this world, and creating a new and cohesive whole.



This work is the reflection of my journey of self-expression and creative exploration – and in the end, the discarded treasures finally find their place, and are given a fresh life and a new story.



I am a self-taught collage, mixed-media and assemblage artist.  I live and create in Pasadena, CA.  In 2004, I found myself in desperate need of an artistic outlet and began creating two-dimensional thematic montages using imagery from various magazines and clip art sources. With further exploration and a new-found confidence, I began to pursue a different direction, creating, original, three dimensional collages.



I now find great joy working in collage, mixed-media and assemblage. I began reading up on the history of collage and assemblage, and have found inspiration in the work of artists such as Salvador Dali, Joseph Cornell and Kurt Schwitters.  Watching Terry Gilliam’s animation on Monty Python’s Flying Circus throughout my youth may have also had a unique influence on some of my work.



Highlights in my artistic career include having the honor of being one of 6 artists who participated in the collage and assemblage exhibit “Circa Sometime” at the Gallery at the End of the World, having two pieces (“Process” and “Three”) chosen to be a part of The Central California Art Association & Mistlin Gallery’s 57th Annual Spring Art Show. This past November I had the pleasure of having a solo exhibit of over 20 pieces of artwork at the Altadena Library.  And, I am very pleased to have exhibited at The Spring Arts Tower last February during the L.A. Artwalk.



No matter what form my artwork has taken, or will take, I find it to be an essential and intensely personal part of my life. It explores and expresses the inner workings of my heart, mind & spirit in a way that words cannot express. It is my hope that when people see my work, it will somehow resonate with them on some level, be it intellectual, emotional or spiritual.



  1. Kate is an amazingly talented artist who has the vision to see the possibility of art in the most unlikely items. Her work always surprises and never disappoints! Congratulations!!!

  2. Excellent choice for featured artist. Very evocative collage work.

  3. I met this artist through a mutual like for farms…. Since then I have enjoyed seeing her creative juices flow and invoke thought and feelings through her pieces. I am glad to have “bumped” into to her and I know she will garner a high respect in the world of art. One day there will be a college class that will include her wonderful take on things lost and found again.

  4. Thanks Beverly, Dave and Starcey for your kind words and encouragement!

  5. Wonderful and interesting work. Ive been a fan for a while and am so glad to see Kate showcased here on this site so that everyone can take a look.

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