Featured Artist Donna Howard

Donna Howard creates whimsical paintings in a charming, signature style. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.


A Quorum of Cats

“A Quorum of Cats” by artist Donna Howard


I was born into the Witness Protection Program so the details of my childhood have been kept from me for my own safety. I was released when it was discovered that I was never in any real danger at all. I was turned out into the street with a written apology, a pat on the head and a detailed invoice payable to the FBI for all that protection I never even needed. Talk about being behind before you even begin.


My Paintbrushes Talk About Me

“My Paintbrushes Talk About Me” by artist Donna Howard


Actually, I was recently paroled from a 15-year sentence in an office cube. It was a fortunate occurrence if you consider all the time I wasted wishing the window directly behind me could open. I grieved for about 5 seconds before going to my attic to find the paintbrushes I remember being so fond of in college. They were a tad dusty and a little more than “slightly miffed” due to my neglect. It seems they forgave me after I introduced them to the shiny new tubes of paint I had purchased just for them. Now our days are spent in joyful anticipation of the challenges each new blank canvas presents.



“Dogwood” by artist Donna Howard


Except for the part about having a sketchy childhood, the first bit was a complete fabrication. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Pan Head

“Pan Head” by artist Donna Howard


Today I imagine myself a storyteller more than anything. The bright colors, noticeable from a distance, are the first lure. When you get closer to the curious characters they begin to tell a story, one that brings people joy and laughter.


Snow Ballet

“Snow Ballet” by artist Donna Howard


The painted stories are mine, but the universal emotional nature of humans means viewers see their own story inside. The multi-dimensionality makes it universally appealing to anyone who ever felt stuck, as I once did. My art explores life-changing decision-making, addiction and the quest to find the pieces of life worthy of exploring further.


Cat with Lime Wheel

“Cat with Lime Wheel” by artist Donna Howard


I’m aware of the quirkiness in my work. Without the whimsy the paintings wouldn’t make MY artistic statement; the laughter is the best part of the journey. I’m the Mad Hatter at my very own tea party, opening people up to the absurd and encouraging them to thoroughly enjoy it.


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  1. Donna, your art and wit are fabulous…I’ve just become an instant fan.

  2. Thanks Artsy Shark – Especially Carolyn – who’s dedication to exposing up and coming artists to the world wide web is not lost on the people you feature. Thank you again your piece on me is my smile for the day!

  3. These are exactly what your intention is.. happy people, I love them… a personal favorite of my aspirations too! Spread the happiness! Great work!

  4. Good work, have its identity. keep it up

  5. Dave Wilkins says

    I am smiling to see more work. Keep painting!

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