Featured Artist Jules Whitfield

Artsy Shark’s newest featured artist is Jules Whitfield. She calls her work “exuberant”. We think you’ll agree! See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


Cornish Town


Jules is a British born artist who works from her studio in Miami where she now lives.  As an artist, she enjoys painting in many mediums from watercolor, acrylic, oils and experimental techniques in mixed media, using texture to form depth and bring life to her paintings.


Downtown by Night

Jules work is colorful, exciting, exuberant and mood-evoking. She has exhibited in galleries and her paintings are in private collections.


Early Morning

Professionally trained as a wallpaper then later a textile designer after completing a long apprenticeship in this field, she went on to produce entire collections for many well-known national and international manufacturers. The transition into textiles was artistically the best move to make, as this brought out a new loose, fast and more relaxed form of art she still loves. To date she now paints for the pure pleasure of painting without any restraints to follow the fashion world and loves every moment of her new art freedom.


The Courtyard

Jules always loved art.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be an artist. She would win numerous art competitions at school and outside groups. Although she believes that schooling is important, she also believes that art is God inspired and a gift to behold. It was her father who encouraged her to pursue her art career. He believed you could make a living by doing something you enjoy and love, even on a commercial level.


"Venice View" by artist Jules Whitfield

Most of her painting has been self-taught through books and experimenting with different techniques, and trying new ideas with several types of media. Jules does not follow one particular style. Her diversity enables her to experiment and allows tremendous freedom in creativity and personal expression.


"Le Bouchon du Grove" by artist Jules Whitfield

Utilizing the elements of design from her original profession, she begins each piece with a pattern composition, and a process of thought, sketching and with a chosen technique. Once this is in place, it gets to the phase where paint is applied. Being an impatient painter, this has to be done quickly with intuition and spontaneity. This loose approach allows contemporary paintings to come to life.  Although her work is planned, she likes the finished painting to be a dynamic movement between texture and paint.


"Left Behind" by artist Jules Whitfield


Painting is an integral part of her life. It is an expression of joy and everything good that she sees. Inspiration comes most when you are least looking for it.


"Sunflowers" by artist Jules Whitfield

“My goal has always been to enjoy the creative process and to stay versatile and create work that spans a variety of different subject matter and media. To move forward with letting go of my internal boundaries, ever-evolving and changing, because life is such, one giant experience.

I feel that we can never stop learning, it is a journey that lasts a lifetime. I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to enjoy painting and love what I do.”  ~ Jules Whitfield


  1. Wonderful! They are indeed “colorful, exciting, exuberant and mood-evoking” I would add thought-provoking and very calming (if that not contradictory). Hope to see more.

    • John,
      thank you, I really appreciated your positive kind comments; it’s made me realize that we all need that and i will be certain to do the same for other emerging artists, kind regards jules……


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