Featured Artist Scott Dykema

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My work comes from an endless desire to create. I have a deep affection for putting something down onto a blank surface, making the commitment to giving it life, and seeing it through to its finished state. The process is so complicated, and yet, so pleasurable.


Candy Shop Horse


My recent body of work is about taking old, useless materials, such as unsold paintings, used-up stencils, unfinished works on paper, and giving them new life through collage. I took a look around my studio and found an abundance of evidence of my past. Instead of stashing it or filing it away, I decided to celebrate it by creating works that are joyful and sometimes silly.


Artist: Scott Dykema


My work has been an on-going internal conversation for the past 12 years or so, and though I have taken small breaks, I do not plan on finishing the conversation any time soon. My work is very much inspired by materials, process, art, color, music, love, light, weather, strangeness, things that are perfect, people, nature, and my inner voice.


Abstract by Scott Dykema


Right now, I am working on developing a new childrens book, promoting my self-published childrens book Keep Dreaming, and promoting my art. I am creating commissioned art and murals, training for my first half marathon in October,  painting and creating in my studio here in Arlington, TX in the heat, and starting a new business helping myself and others to create financial freedom for themselves and for their families.


Horse Hanging with Diamonds


My goals for now are for greater spiritual growth, and to develop a large online presence as a thriving artist.  I’d like to be working in my studio at least 3 hours a day, to have a studio with heat and air conditioning.


Abstract Painting by Scott Dykema


Another goal is to sell over 1 million copies of Keep Dreaming and give 1 million copies to children in need of the books’ message. I plan to  achieve financial freedom by the end of the year and aid others in doing the same.


Abstract Painting by Scott Dykema


I want  to have a business that I run that does not run me!  I’m pretty much looking to feel peace and to realize that it is all good and to really know it.


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