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Tara Twan creates art for childen – animal portraits, murals, book illustration and more. Enjoy her whimsical portfolio and see more by visiting her website.


Bird Chatter


My name is Tara Twan, I was born in Victoria, B.C. and thirteen years later moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Art has always been something that I have done; sketching, pen and ink which evolved into painting. Although I was not formally trained, the wealth of books I have acquired has served me well.

I create art because it is my contribution to society that makes me feel most accomplished. I have truly shared of myself when painting. This is my way of sharing what I care about, my sense of humour. Creating art makes me feel alive, it is what I know.


Artwork by Tara Twan


I have shown with local art shows but I have not taken my career seriously until recently; my children are old enough now that I can now focus on building what I love to do. I enjoy painting with expression and personality.  I am inspired by the unforced natural behaviour of the wild whether it’s in your backyard or Africa. It is a colourful splendour which I like to sometimes build upon by adding elements of familiarity and humor. I want people to feel for these creatures and not feel so foreign from them. To see subjects of beauty and character as a living force not much different from our own.


Artwork by Tara Twan


I am currently illustrating a children’s book for local author Julliane Harvey. My children’s  work is exhibited in Saffron in Cochrane, Galleria in Inglewood and Ulla-La in Didsbury. The work I have been doing with animals and dog portraits are my primary focus though, and I will no longer create children’s art in the form of paintings.  My painting Emu was chosen for the Art in Motion Project for the transit system. I also had an article written about my efforts to help a local no kill shelter with Giggle Dog Portraits.

It took me some time to realize that I should be doing dog portraits, it fulfills my love for dogs and need to create. When I see the way a dog looks at its owner I feel inspired. I love the bond the pair have and the characters that emanate from it. And if I have chased you down to see your dog and completely ignored you, I’m sorry I love dogs! I still do this but at least now I can hand you a card and not look like a total nut.


Artwork by Tara Twan


I grew up with a lot of different breeds of dogs; my mother was always coming home from the SPCA with a different dog.  We had a few mixed breeds, Borzoi; Belka,  Afghan; Max, Grey Hound; Lexi, Blue Merl Collie; Buddie and my dog a Shepherd/ Bouvier;  Shadow. She was my girl, I had her from a pup until she was 14 years of age.  Shadow was also the first painting I did of a dog back in 1999.

My goal is to reach the right market for my work, and connect with those people. To build a clientele and create paintings that bring people joy.  This affects my second goal; “To earn a living as an artist!” LOL, while raising my children.


Blue Bird


I wish to work entirely as an artist while contributing to the matters that capture my heart. To create pieces of value to someone other than myself, inspiring youth of all ages and being inspired by them. I want people to feel good when they engage a painting of mine, to spark imagination and create a sense of rescue for the defenseless. Everything on this planet relies on us.



  1. Love your art Tara! Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork 🙂

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