Featured Artist Barry Steven Greff

Photographer Barry Steven Greff specializes in images of the natural world. See more of his work by visiting his website.


Atmosphere (Ethereal Sea and Landscapes)

In a time of great challenge throughout our world, I seek to capture the spectacular natural beauty that still exists on Earth. Each of my photographs stands alone as a testament to the astonishing visual feast that remains on our planet for those willing to seek it out.



My landscape images focus on capturing transitory conditions of light and atmosphere as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life itself. These images memorialize a moment in time… never to be repeated. I am drawn to these theatrical moments when elements collide to form moody, ethereal, and dramatic scenes.  



Of the Wild (intimate, Close-up Animal Portraits)

It is in various forms of captivity that I find the animals and birds for this series. They are protected from me and I am protected from them. My images capture the life force that is simultaneously controlled; yet untamed.  I am drawn to their eyes as that draws the viewer into the frame. The framing device jolts the viewer from reading the images as a cliché.



By abstracting the eye or face from the rest of the body, I force an intimate exchange of energy and focus between the image and the viewer. These images make us confront the dignity, personality and identity of these magnificent creatures and remind us why they so desperately need our protection.



Flow (Isolated portraits of Jellyfish)

The sea is filled with luminous creatures, floating in water, graceful, weightless, and elegant as dancers. Mysterious as the ocean itself, Jellyfish are dynamic in form and shape.



In aquariums throughout the world these creatures are on display for human enrichment and I rejoice in having the chance to record their natural beauty, luminous colors, and fluid varied shapes. If only for a photographic moment I enjoy inhabiting their world beyond the human condition of gravity, muscles and bones.




Born Brooklyn, NY, 1957. As a child I was exposed to photography on family vacations. Upon graduating high school I moved to Miami, Florida to continue my education, but my passion for photography never diminished.

I constantly seek out a new, and beautiful wilderness, to observe and then memorialize the best Mother Nature has to offer. Sitting atop a cliff on the Oregon Coast or exploring the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I can discover and capture for eternity the Earth’s natural beauty in its most pristine state. Creating, then editing those images upon my return home, keeps the scenes alive for me.



Throughout my travels I also create close-up, intimate, captive animal and jellyfish portraits that capture the personality of these beautiful creatures.

My images have been widely published and continue to receive significant recognition in the Fine Art community. My work has earned numerous International awards, critical acclaim and exhibition in prestigious galleries and private collections.

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