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I am a polymedia artist. I love to switch media every few months – oil, acrylics, pastels – each time I switch I learn something new. Currently I am building a pastel library documenting Colorado’s wildlife. It is amazing to really look closely at the creatures that share my home and try to capture their spirit. When I get it right, people respond by wanting to take care of our natural heritage. How great is that!



I always try to build a charitable alliance in each new body of work. The Colorado wildlife series is supporting an organization that gives young autistic adults an opportunity to work on projects with creative professionals.



It adds an extra dimension to the project, encouraging collaboration and support. I always get back much more than I give and the extra positive energy shows up in my work.

Artist Statement:

My work is pretty simple. It is about joy, color and life.



By focusing the eye through composition, heightening drama through contrast and intensifying emotion through color, I seek to capture the spiritual essence of the subject.

The pendulum swings back and forth. There are times when I focus on minute details to capture the spirituality of the mundane. These paintings are highly realistic and almost obsessively compulsive in their clarity. Other times I use abstract expressionism to more fully focus on the emotional charge of transformation.

When I get it right, the painting speaks to the soul of the viewer. Their spirit connects to the essence of the captured moment. It nourishes the viewer by calming them or exciting them or just giving them what they need to let their minds relax and their feelings take over.


Hopefully, the picture makes them happy.



  1. Janice is right. The art does speak to you! It is beautiful and makes yo feel part of the natural beauty. Quite an accomplishment to achieve via a remote technological advice.
    Shows the STRENGTH! Love it!

    • Debbie, I agree – Janice’s work has a wonderful energy and captures the life force of the animals she paints. It’s joyful and vibrant. So glad you enjoyed it too!

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