Featured Artists: Due Alberi

Artsy Shark is pleased to present the romantic, ethereal work of two Italian artists – Antonia and Fabio De Vann of Due Alberi.



The artists behind DUE ALBERI are Antonia and Fabio De Vann. We are partners in life and in art. Our work is about beauty. The beauty of nature, full of colors and mystery. It is also about passion for flowers and nature. Our models are flowers and plants, we work on flower photography series arranging every time different compositions for the shooting. This is our way not only to observe and contemplate nature, but also to reinterpret it. To feel the joyful beauty of a flower in all its gorgeousness. But also the delicate and wise beauty of the faded flower which is part of the flow of life. We like to capture the living act of nature in its splendor and in the beauty of its inevitable transformation.


Our view is influenced by several artistic experiences such as watercolor, acrylic and ink painting. We both come from families with an artistic background: since we were both little our respective parents have always somehow inspired us through music, art, painting, sculpture. Coming from studies and working experience in Architecture, Interior and Floral Design, we have developed a flower photography passion. Our inspiration derives from childhood memories of the intact nature of our two countries of origin, one from the beautiful city of Toronto Ontario Canada, the other from the old European city of Sofia. Our work is inspired also by the Italian Renaissance, Baroque, and mural paintings, Zen brush painting and the Japanese Ikebana. We use different kinds of flowers and plants, combining them with wire and other objects like pebbles and driftwood.



Our Atelier is now based in Rome, Italy in an old late 1920’s house, in the unique context designed on the model of the nineteenth century English Garden Cities. From our window, we see the graceful and giant Roman pine trees on the background of ancient houses colored in pale red, ochre, yellow, rain washed rusty orange Roman clay roof tiles, all bound by typical cobblestone streets. It is stunning to be immersed everyday in the mixture of landscapes that evolve continuously throughout the generous four Roman seasons.


What are your goals?

Our goals are very simple. What we really want is to be happy and have the opportunity to keep creating and expressing ourselves. Most of all we want to stay in tune with our creativity, bringing in this way happiness and joy to the people that appreciate our work. We like to represent the beauty of simplicity, of what surrounds us, of what nature has to offer. Our work is to capture nature and reflect it. In this manner we feel that our art is simply part of the everyday life, a way of bringing nature into everyone’s home.



What are you working on now?

We are working on new rose fine art print sets in red, yellow and white colors. They are inspired by the contemporary floral design and by the dynamism of the Italian Baroque paintings. We like to create a sense of movement “on the canvas”, using different flowers and plants and making them dance in different directions. We love experimenting combining flowers with wire and other objects like pebbles, driftwood, or vegetables. We have recently introduced larger print formats and we are experimenting home decoration products inspired by our floral art prints.



What inspires you?

We find our inspirations in nature and art. When you look for example at a forest, at a tree, or simply at a curling twig, apparently you may see a random chaos in it. But under the surface nature is perfect, and we enjoy discovering and representing it every time. Inspirations come regularly from our everyday life: a color, a book, a texture, a vegetable, a flower. Everything can be an inspiration, you need only to use all your senses to see and understand it. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place as Rome as we are immersed in all this variety of reds, yellows, plants, and flowers. We are inspired by the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, by the mural paintings and decorations that you can admire in Italy. We love Calder, Mondrian, Turner, Art Nouveau, Picasso, Andy Goldsworthy, Ross Bleckner. We are attracted by the Eastern aesthetics as well. It could be some Japanese kimono pattern, or a delicate Ikebana composition.


  1. Simply beautiful.

  2. I wish them long happy life in in portraying beauties of
    nature.They are lucky in finding land , booming with forests and flowers and time to paint !
    In our area,Palestinian territories , Gaza Strip ,that is
    seiged , fine art painters ,like me , have no inspiration
    except the overcrowdedness and fear from what is
    coming tomorrow ! That is depicted in my artwork ,
    images of which are thrown on my humble art website.
    If you wish visit it and let me have your comments.[img]undefined[/img][img]undefined[/img][img]undined[/img]

  3. You may navigate my art website : http://www.dadah.info , to see what I mean.

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