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In 2006 a few friends put together a gallery which I was a part of. That led me to do a solo show in the gallery at Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank in 2009.



It was a fantastic experience, not only the process of creating over fifty illustrations in under two years (The gallery was divided into three sections, one inspired by vinyl toys, another was children’s book art, and the third contained my original watercolors), but also to show my work in a place where so many important eyeballs could see it.



A large section of my gallery was devoted to a series of cute little square characters called Squaremania. They garnered the attention of a producer who was just passing through – and we’ve been working together ever since. This year we attached a writer to co-create a cartoon based on those characters. It’s an incredibly long road with many twists to get a show on tv, and while we’re making headway, the finish line is still quite distant. The gratifying part is having created something that I’m proud of and that others are enthusiastic about.


In the meantime, I’m also partnering up with a couple of talented artists to create game apps and vinyl toys. And beyond that I’m starting to explore licensing artwork by building up two brands that I’ll start shopping around in 2012.


There are a lot of ideas that are still on the ground floor. And while I can’t expect that every one of them will lead anywhere, it’s going to be a lot of fun trying.


  1. this is really a great and interesting site ! I am really inspired by all the talent !!!!

    • Thank you, Isabella, for your comment. I checked out your blog as well, and I’m very impressed! Congratulations on creating a great website at the age of ten.

      I also noticed that you mentioned your Shih Tzu allows you to dress him up. You might like to meet my friend Lorenzo. Although he is a cat, he definitely has something in common with Star! http://www.lorenzothecat.com/

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