Featured Artist Kandyce Waltensperger

Artsy Shark presents the  portfolio of featured artist Kandyce Waltensperger, inspired by her home in Mexico. Visit her website to find out more about this talented artist.


Like so many of my fellow artists, I began my art career at an early age. First working with pencil and rapidograph pen, and eventually moving into watercolor and acrylic.



Sixteen years ago, I was fortunate enough to move with my husband and twin daughters to Monterrey, Mexico. Once we were settled in, I began watercolor classes under a couple of well known local artists. That was the beginning of my love for bold color combinations and puzzle-like compositions.





Much of what I paint reflects the scenery found in my southern surroundings. I love painting the old rustic doors or windows found in the small villages outside of Monterrey. In “Window from Santiago”, I tried to reflect the beauty in the worn out color of the cobalt blue, and the years of weathered stucco.





I am also influenced by the many trips I have taken, like the bus ride to San Miguel de Allende. That was an adventure I will always remember with great humor and humility. It produced this painting, “Early Morning San Miguel”. The scenery of this portal is commonly found around the town square of many small towns. I loved the way the light was pouring through in the early morning hours.





Being challenged by nature and the beauty found in the desert, I enjoy painting the contrast between the dangerous looking cactus, and the delicate flower it produces. It was around this time that I began painting in series. This is “Spanish Dagger III”, out of a series of five paintings.





I also have an ongoing series of paintings called, “The Talavera Twins”. These little charismatic characters are a special project I’m working on and are geared toward the licensing industry. Each playful composition is a reminder for me of my twin girls, who have relocated to the hill country of central Texas.








I am currently working on increasing the size of The Talavera Twins collection and pursuing licensing and/or an agent interested in these cute little characters. I divide my time between my studios in south Texas and Monterrey, Mexico, always being inspired by the scenery along the way.

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