Featured Artist Sara Hunter

Artsy Shark presents ceramic artist Sara Hunter. Enjoy her whimsical designs, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.



My name is Sara Hunter and I began drawing and painting at an early age. Every summer, I use to visit my Grandparents and the first thing I would do when I arrived was color in my coloring books and draw whatever my heart desired. After years of drawing, painting and doodling for fun, as well as sharing my paintings with family and friends, I discovered that I had a hidden talent for creating beautiful artwork.



In 2004, I decided to turn my passion for creating art into a business, which I named E. i. Designs Art and Pottery. I started out painting abstract watercolor paintings until one of my customers requested I take one of my designs and put it on a piece of pottery, a platter. Of course at that time, I did not know anything about pottery and did not know where to start. So, I went to paint at a pottery store, bought a large platter and took a crash course in painting on pottery.



After this pottery painting session, I was hooked on pottery. After taking several classes to learn how to make pottery and I am now keeping my hands dirty with pottery and have shifted my business from watercolor paintings to doing pottery exclusively.



As my business grows, my goals are to establish my brand and become a household name; teach pottery classes via webinars; promote my work in the art licensing industry; continue to grow with wholesale accounts and with my retail customers; and write several books.



What I am working on now are my new art pieces to release at my upcoming shows this year.



What inspire me are colors, art deco patterns and designs. I enjoy watching home and garden shows and walking through showrooms to see what is new in terms of designs and patterns. For example, I can take an intangible idea and make it into a tangible design that ends up being a dynamic one-of-a-kind piece of art for my customer.


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