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Artsy Shark is pleased to present the delightful work of British artist Mohan Ballard. Enjoy his work and visit his website for more art.




Colour, colour and colour! This is what I feel best describes my work. I feel this is a reflection of me and my personality. I first discovered my style during University, at Southampton. It was here I was taught to express myself through vivid and vibrant scenes while also exploring how to pack my images full of features and people.




After university, I carried on with this style and I really feel I have brought my style and technique forward. The tiny drawn people and bright colours add a sense of enjoyment to the image, and I just want my images to breed happiness and smiles. Every image I create is made with a passion and energy I feel that cannot be found just anywhere.


Times Square


My goals as an Illustrator have always been to be a success as a freelancer and to use this as a main profession. I feel I am well on my way to fully realising these goals as I have already sold many pieces of my work, completed numerous commissions and I am also receiving representation from an online art agency called DegreeArt.com.


Mr. Men


One of my big commissions came last year when I was asked to produce an image for the 40th anniversary of the Mr Men. This was a huge boost for me and quite a big commission to receive. The image will hopefully be appearing in Selfridges, London, later this year. I have also received numerous press attentions and I have also taken part in two exhibitions which have showcased my work.




I have to say my biggest inspirations are two artists, L.S. Lowry, and freelance Illustrator Jonny Hannah. Lowry has always inspired me because his images are always of towns or cities which are packed full of buildings and people. It might not have as much colour as my images, but I feel like I have drawn from his love for buildings and perspective and taken that on in my images in my own style.


Attack of the Mega Zombie


Jonny Hannah is also a brilliant, living, freelance Illustrator who specialises in screen print illustrations. His work is brilliantly colourful and he takes on all aspects of life in his images. I was very privileged to be taught by him at University and I feel I took so much inspiration from him.


San Francisco


Right now I have just finished my latest City scene image of San Francisco, which has proven very popular. It has been featured on the Easy Living website under the ‘top 10 pieces of affordable art to have in your home’ section. I have currently just started a new image, this time of Toronto. I have chosen to base the image on ‘Dundas Square’, the heart of Downtown Toronto.

Later on this year, I will also have my work shown in various art fairs across England. This includes the Grand Designs fair at the Excel centre in London and the Affordable Art Fairs in Bristol, Hampstead and two others.

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