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abstract painting door to the desert


I grew up in New York City, spent summers in Italy, and got to travel a lot with my family. I took a sketch pad with me everywhere. As a child, I studied with a local artist but I always loved science too. Ultimately, I became a physician.


Abstract Painting Deep Blue Sea


Though my work helping others as an Infectious Disease specialist was satisfying and even exciting as it involved pursuing clues to come to a diagnosis, over time the pressures of the profession increased and squeezed out so much else. Incrementally, I let art back into my life and eventually made the decision to leave medicine entirely. After living without it for a while, I discovered that creativity is a powerful source of joy and energy.


Abstract painting of boat and door


My paintings start with a big gesture … a calligraphic sweep of black paint or a large field of color… that beckons and leads me deeper and deeper into an exploration of color, texture, form and line. The inner world of the subconscious and the visible world of the environment act as guides. As I work, the surface of the painting becomes a landscape whose topography I create, scratch out and rework until the painting yells “Enough already!”


abstract painting The Calling


Mystery and wonder are at the heart of my paintings, which speak to people on an emotional level. When I see that viewers are moved or delighted I know that they have connected. I enjoy discussing my paintings, answering people’s questions and listening to them describe what they see and feel the work means to them.


Abstract painting of music


  1. Loved your paintings. What are the sizes?

    • Thanks Joyce! The first and third paintings above are 36″ x 36″, the 2nd is 42 x 46″, 4th is 30 x 22 and is a monotype on paper, the last is 36 x 54″. If you click on the photos above the titles come up. I had attached dimensions to the photos but perhaps there was room for them. I do post sizes on my website. http://www.piadegirolamo.com.

  2. Beautiful work, Pia. Particularly like “Deep Blue Sea”, the second painting featured in the article. Always love to see what you’re up to. Keep up the great work.

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