Featured Artist Trixie Pitts

That is what painting and drawing are all about for me, connecting with my inner self at a subconscious level (that Buddhists feel we all share), and bringing it to the canvas without my thinking mind getting in the way.

Featured Artist Gerard Justin Ferrari

I view my sculptures as highly-crafted, complex, three-dimensional clay collages that embody disparate influences, forms and conceptual ideas.

The Creative Process

Finding inspiration, meaning and passion is a search all artists make as part of the creative process. The following artists offer their insights on the meaning behind and the inspiration for their art. Click on the artist’s name to see their website.     Linda Laino: I paint mandalas and mandala murals. Moving back and forth from the […]

Featured Artist Karen Benjamin

Sustainability of our planet is a complex issue which I am constantly inspired by. With my art I try to raise awareness about issues that will affect future generations if change is not implemented.

Featured Artist Francesca Busca

What inspires me? It would be easier to say what does NOT! Everywhere I look, every consideration I make, is a source of inspiration.

Featured Artist Sheryl Zacharia

The intention of my art is not to tell a story, but to create objects that influence and enhance the space around them, evoking an emotional response.

Featured Artist Cynthia Fisher

I am truly in my element and believe I create my strongest work when pursuing my personal interest in working abstractly.

Art and Healing

My purpose is to share my abstract nature photography with the hope that it can inspire, heal and awaken the imagination.

Featured Artist Steven Mikel

I am passionate about our gift, as humans, to be able to “see” beyond simple observation.

Featured Artist JD Miller

I am inspired by each and every moment of life. It is such a gift to be alive and expressing my experience as a human being in art.

Featured Artist Elisa Sheehan

All of the inspiration for my work comes from my deep love of nature, the rhythm of the seasons and the unparalleled beauty that comes with all the stages of growth, bloom, decay that we all witness each and every day.

Featured Artist Alise Loebelsohn

. I draw from the random patterns and images found in nature, and memories that fade but reappear unexpectedly to explore unclear truths and make sense of the world in which we live.

Energized Abstracts

We invited some artist friends to share artistic vision and a favorite work of abstract art.

Featured Artist Calvin Teng

My vision is to unite and share my painting philosophy with the Western world, allowing Western society to become more acquainted with Eastern heritage, tradition, and oriental aesthetics by connecting through my artworks.