Featured Artist Karla Reid

As a child, pouring my thoughts and emotions into my art acted as a means for survival. It was a way to express myself when I could not speak about the things that were going on around me.

Featured Artist Susan Melrath

When I paint, I am exploring color, texture, and patterns, and how they relate. Each painting begins with layers of pure color and grows through a process of glazing, sanding, adding, and subtracting.

Featured Artist Dorothy Fagan

Taking dictation from the Creator, I learned to accept each brush stroke as a gift. Not to mess with it but to accept it as gift given, however imperfect it may appear.

Featured Artist Ira Kennedy

I am fascinated by the alchemy of colors—in particular, the gradations of color achieved through the optical blending of dots.

Featured Artist Tanya Marie Reeves

I hope my artwork inspires and empowers women of all ages, helping them to embrace and revel in similar attributes within themselves while also reminding every man of the strong, beautiful women in their everyday lives.

Featured Artist Kurt Wedgley

Now, I not only shape canvases anyway I desire, but I add other media to them. I have so many ideas! I really like the idea of adding metal to them. I love the contrast between the delicate canvas and the solid steel and how they seem to work together harmoniously.

Artist Showcase, Autumn 2018

From mixed media to oil, photography, watercolor and even finger painting, the following artists share their passion for art by showcasing one of their favorite pieces of art.

Featured Artist Tom Dimond

Through a process of layering materials and paint to cover up, expose, and reveal images, I develop a surface that creates a state of ambiguity for the viewer and allows one to freely interpret the visual statement.

Featured Artist Kari Bienert

My practice is slow and meditative—I spend hours mixing colour, then intuitively place it on the canvas or linen using brushes.

Featured Artist Ginger Gilmour

I have come to understand that this quality and experience is best captured by creating a metaphysical story of the interaction between the viewer, the artist and the artwork.

Featured Artist Joey Schmidt-Muller

My refusal to follow the path of perfection leaves me room to develop my painting.

Featured Artist Alice Shepherd

Intrigued, I bought my first kiln and began my relationship with glass—this unique material that is neither solid nor liquid, whose molecular structure changes with every firing yet retains the details of each, that can be smooth or textured, flat or wavy, woven, draped, that can record images—had captured my fascination!

Featured Artist Christine Kerrick

Most of my forensic art is facial reconstruction from skeletal remains. This makes me see more clearly the transitory nature of our bodies and lives and makes it all the more important to tell the stories of people in portraits and assemblage.

Featured Artist Adorable Monique

My art work explores aspects of our natural world and human experience. I intend to discover the inner beauty of things and the complexities of life, the natural environment that represents life, the water that nourishes the earth with fertility, knowledge and the evolution of life.