Featured Artist Evgeniya Guneva

I find pleasure in touching glass, experimenting with it and waiting for the furnace to cool down to see the results. My works are meant for those who enjoy their homes being places of spiritual treasures.

Featured Artist Shelley Heffler

I am interested in the impact humans have on the land, the environment and the earth. Abstraction is the language I use to generate imagery and concepts of shifting boundaries of society and politics.

Featured Artist Steve Paulsen

Much of my work deals with optical illusions of space and relationships of color, as well as the reaction of patterns on the eye.

Featured Artist Jane Caminos

Now that I’m an artist activist with On Women Bound as my life’s work, I’ve come to believe that as artists it’s our responsibility to use our talent to change the world for the better.

Featured Artist Hildy Maze

My path of making visual images became the inner structure of mind and how its patterns of confusion obscure our recognition of this vast space of ceaseless energy.

Featured Artist Frank Mayer

My inspiration comes from looking at pictures of the old factories, the old bridges, the old sewing machines or the old 1890’s trains. The complexity and arrangement of systems are a curiosity and a fascination to me and my art pays reverence to the great engineering of the past and its glory days.

Featured Artist Rhonda Counts

The textures and colors of nature inspire me. I want to capture nature’s details on my canvas. As I quote with regards to my work, “I create a textured canvas, and then I paint.”

The Abstract World

Abstract art is an expression of shape, color, line and form whose imagery often departs from visual reality. These artists approach their art in unique and varied ways, creating a language of their own to describe their take on altered reality. Click on each name to view their website.   Marisa D. Aceves I document […]

Featured Artist Scott Troxel

In terms of style and subject matter for both mediums, I am mostly an abstract, non-objective artist. I do tend to blur the line between minimalism, color field painting, the hard-edge school and constructivism.

Featured Artist Tim Phelps

The essence and act of mandala creation has pulled me in and delivered just as advertised. Mandalas are engaging, thought provoking, meditative and joyful tools.

Featured Artist Blake Conroy

The core of my work is made up of large pieces that address my concerns about the environment. I want to express this concern in an elegant way to reach as large an audience as possible.

Featured Artist Laura Lein-Svencner

The paper making sessions are important as they allow me to freely express what is going in my environment and what is presently going on inside of me emotionally. It totally amazes me that within a few days how much of a difference the paper makes.

Featured Artist Chris Gray

The process of creating art is relaxing to me. I am creating something new and that is the favorite part of my work. I can create anything if I have the knowledge to do it. I define art as creativity plus knowledge.

Featured Artist Sarah Mandell

The art of needle felting is something I discovered about ten years ago and have learned to love by practicing every day.