Featured Artist Susan McLaughlin

I am thrilled to be an artist because I can create my own worlds. In these worlds, I am an explorer, uncovering, recording and rearranging the beauty of the natural world, as well as the beauty of human beings.

Featured Artist Jan Brandt

The knowledge that designs repeat in nature, from micro to macro, is fascinating to me. I conjure and build compositions into magical formations which hint at the mystery and beauty of a world unseen by the naked eye.

Featured Artist Sharmon Davidson

Natural forms are my symbolic language—transposition, transparency and the transformation of one form into another the syntax I use in expressing these ideas. I want to share this mystery with as many people as possible.

Featured Artist Ruben Cukier

My work talks about our society, the symbols of our collective unconscious, our emotions and our desire to persist through our works.

Featured Artist Bea Roberts

I find I that using different mediums together adds exuberance and a freshness to the art as they look, act and feel different from each other. This also adds extra energy to my artwork.

Featured Artist Heather W. Ernst

I drive emotion direct from thought to canvas, with no planning if possible. A painting is my recording of my reaction to an environment. If I do add a recognizable form, it won’t be the color it is in reality, because what I see and feel internally isn’t.

Featured Artist Claude McCoy

With algorithmic art, the artist who is mathematically challenged may have no idea in mind as to what that assembly of mathematical formulas and numbers will create.

Featured Artist Karen Lee

I would have never predicted the medium that suited me best is one that blends photography with fiber arts, but this unusual mixed media approach has offered me the most authentic expression of my inner voice.

Featured Artist Elaine Florimonte

When I study the work of other painters, I see them as either colorists or tonalists. I am a colorist. I use color to create a “sense” in my paintings—awake-ness, devotion, excitement, tranquility.

Featured Artist Colin Goldberg

Around this time I also began to incorporate Sumi ink painting in my work, inspired by my maternal grandmother Kimiye who had been born in Japan and was an accomplished calligrapher and teacher.

Featured Artist Kate Henderson

My inspiration comes from natural sources ranging from landscapes to microbiology. I think of nature as a continuous flow of energy represented by shifting shapes and patterns. These shapes are the source of what I call naturally-found abstraction.

Featured Artist Suzanne Yurdin

Be it mountainous, oceanic or atmospheric, I don’t try to convey a specific place and often times don’t title my work for that reason. Instead, I find it more enriching as an artist to connect with my viewer by triggering an emotion, a memory or even a sense of déjà vu.

Featured Artist Curtis Olson

My art continues to evolve, but one concept remains constant—I am interested in creating powerful objects that live in the real, not the digital, world with weight and age.

Featured Artist Cecilia Calderon

My latest creations are tapestries made of a combination of fabric, rope, oil paints, copper, gem stones, beads and other natural materials. They have an ancient quality, abstract, but at the same time representing animals which reflects my concern and love of nature and our deepest roots.