Featured Artist Gale Rothstein

Through the creation of assemblage and collage, the parameters of context are wide open; I create fantasy worlds that incorporate references to Dada and Surrealism, historical content, and through juxtaposition of contrasting elements, prompt the viewer the question relationships to scale, location, and relativity.

Featured Artist Earthstone Chu

Each person has their own unique view of life. I hope my art can be used as a bridge through which everyone can freely go to own intuitive realm.

Featured Artist Dale Klein

I work on the edge of hyperrealism and abstraction. One of my goals as an artist is to make my work as interesting as possible, inviting the viewer to spend time with the work.

Featured Artist Joani Share

As I work with a variety of media, I am quite aware that while the media utilized is interesting, the imagery that I create is the message. My art is about the commonality of humanity.

Featured Artist Roldan West

I create art because inside, I am filled with the need to create. My thoughts and the creative force inside me are the windows to my soul which is, in essence, the focus of my life.

Featured Artist J. M. Brodrick

J. M. Brodrick’s paintings are both realistic and abstract at once. The artist uses dynamic brushwork and a complex palette to create figures that emerge from undefined backgrounds. Visit her website to learn more about.     I’ve been painting since early in my youth with my grandmother, a professional artist from Helsinki, Finland, and I […]

Featured Artist Gill Bustamante

Everyone can draw and everyone can paint and if more people had a creative outlet this world would be considerably saner. Making something you are proud of allows you to direct the proceeding as YOU chose–not as someone else does.

Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2018

Each piece has a story that unfolds through symbols, color and texture.

Featured Artist Joanie Landau

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse.

Featured Artist Amy Pleasant

My interest is in both the metaphor of abstract painting, the idea beyond the thing and the narrative of figurative painting. I wish to give the viewer a bit of a nudge and let them make their own interpretations and conclusions.

Featured Artist Amy Guion Clay

In life and art, I long for the horizon. There is an invisible tether that pulls me toward the unknown, and this is reflected in the artwork that I do. Even in my purely abstract paintings, it’s always about a mythical journey of discovery. I always want to know what is beyond.

Featured Artist Chantal LeBlanc

As I search for inner peace, I juxtapose soft strokes of muted colors with energetic vibrant hues, to create soft, yet powerful, paintings that are filled with light and subtle flows.

Featured Artist Sarah Clark

I plan to keep developing and expanding my own unique works and style to feed my soul, with hope that I can flourish in my practice enabling me to work as a full-time artist in Australia and overseas!

Featured Artist Linda French

Painting allows me to play and to discover the mysteries of myself. It allows me to express beauty, which is so important to me, and it has taught me acceptance.