Featured Artist Steven Mikel

I am passionate about our gift, as humans, to be able to “see” beyond simple observation.

Featured Artist JD Miller

I am inspired by each and every moment of life. It is such a gift to be alive and expressing my experience as a human being in art.

Featured Artist Elisa Sheehan

All of the inspiration for my work comes from my deep love of nature, the rhythm of the seasons and the unparalleled beauty that comes with all the stages of growth, bloom, decay that we all witness each and every day.

Featured Artist Alise Loebelsohn

. I draw from the random patterns and images found in nature, and memories that fade but reappear unexpectedly to explore unclear truths and make sense of the world in which we live.

Energized Abstracts

We invited some artist friends to share artistic vision and a favorite work of abstract art.

Featured Artist Calvin Teng

My vision is to unite and share my painting philosophy with the Western world, allowing Western society to become more acquainted with Eastern heritage, tradition, and oriental aesthetics by connecting through my artworks.

Featured Artist Richard Monteleone

This body of work is about expansion, light, space and energy. The best metaphor is the physical change from ice to steam (ice is contracted water molecules and steam is expansive water molecules). I desire my viewers to feel this expansion in them, in the space and in the work.

Featured Artist Maria Aparici

The essence of art is to transmit emotion and communicate feelings. Do not forget that art is the product of imaginative, unconventional and sometimes suffering minds.

Featured Artist Therese Boisclair

I hope my work touches people who see it. It is personal. I paint from the heart. When I’m painting, I am very spiritual, I think about life, relationships, and passed loved ones – the things that I care about.

Featured Artist Anne Winter

As cities become denser, as they must, fewer and fewer parcels of land remain available for development. Exciting opportunities exist for ‘creative densification.’ This is the topic I am presently working on.

Featured Artist Roxane Hollosi

My inspiration is its own internal flame, fueled by the need to bring a visual voice to the intangible ambiances around me. The meditative and healing nature of the creative process combined with the organic forms of nature is at the heart of my inspiration.

Featured Artist Jill Krasner

Painting is my way of telling my narrative – the history of my life. As I work on each painting, I expose something intimate about myself.

Featured Artist Frank Schroeder

I want my viewers to experience the “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.” I want the viewer to go through the proverbial mirror in order to get to the other side of my painting and live in my work as part of the story.

Featured Artist Helen Kagan

Healing happens in the experience of interacting with a painting. A viewer is not only “looking at” but experiencing it in multiple dimensions.