Featured Artist Sarah Clark

I plan to keep developing and expanding my own unique works and style to feed my soul, with hope that I can flourish in my practice enabling me to work as a full-time artist in Australia and overseas!

Featured Artist Linda French

Painting allows me to play and to discover the mysteries of myself. It allows me to express beauty, which is so important to me, and it has taught me acceptance.

Featured Artist Richard Dennison

I’ll shoot hundreds, if not thousands, of individual photographs for each one. It can take months, and in some cases, even years to have enough options.

Featured Artist Patricia Bingham

My eyes are drawn to repeating patterns and colors, and they’re everywhere! If you look closely enough it’s as though the whole world is upholstered in exotic fabric. This is how I’ve arrived at my current abstract pieces.

Featured Artist Fabrice de Paola

My creations are expressive and hypnotic and they often fuse sexuality and temptation. They are a pictorial other-worldly universe between figurative and abstract in a disorganised order or an organised disorder depending on the mood and the viewpoint of the observer.

Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Lori Schinelli

When I worked with glass for the first time, my spirits lifted. I noticed that it seemed to reflect and refract light in a way reminiscent of the sun bouncing off the surface of the waves.

Featured Artist Robert Heller

I’ve found a balance between my sense of artistic freedom of expression and my scientific training as a physician. This balance continues today by fulfilling my two passions—working in medical research and sculpting.

Featured Artist Ruth Sharton

The “Deeper” paintings are meditations on this unity, and contemplate the intrinsic spiritual and energetic connection between the physical matter of our visible world as well as the non-visible realm of the metaphysical.

Featured Artist Douglas Deveny

I like to use geometric forms and simple squares because they tend to have little emotional baggage or attachments associated with them.

Featured Artist Andre Sardone

I love that I am in a way preserving some of the history of the area, combining different pieces to repurpose “waste” into art, provoking discussion and memories. Each component has a story to tell.

Featured Artist Christine Wagner

My artwork represents, in abstract form, the organic textures and elements that exist in nature, through a variety of materials including paper, found books, thread, beeswax, oils and eggshells, to name a few.

Featured Artist Valluri Venkata Swamy

I try to make my works captivating through creating stunning and forceful images shimmering with life. I want my paintings to speak out their innermost depth, conveying the message of energy and hope.

Featured Artist Dennis Ruble

My current body of dimensional and flat-panel paintings explores the contrast of hard-edged graphic lines and shapes against free-form abstract elements. The shadows projected on the wall become an essential part of the piece.