Featured Artist Harrie Handler

Artist Harrie Handler shares a vibrant portfolio of abstracts and her compelling story of finding herself through painting.

Featured Artist Roann Mathias

Featured artist Roann Mathias shares a boldly colorful portfolio of abstract paintings to delight the viewer.

Featured Artist Audrey Kral

Artist Audrey Kral presents an ethereal collection of colorful abstract paintings inspired by the natural world.

Featured Artist Ingrid Ludt

Featured artist and minimalist painter Ingrid Ludt shares a collection of works that show her exquisite color sense.

Featured Artist Connie Vickers

UK-based painter Connie Vickers embraces the joy of creating art, both representational and abstract.

Featured Artist Patricia Fortlage

Featured artist Patricia Fortlage presents a collection of photographic images that are not as they first appear.

Featured Artist Yasmeen Beyhum

Featured artist and painter Yasmeen Beyhum creates ethereal artwork that celebrates transformation and healing.

Featured Artist Chrissa Star

Featured artist Chriss Star presents a delightful media mixed portfolio filled with spontaneity and magic.

Featured Artist Heidi Hybl

California painter Heidi Hybl shares an ethereal collection of abstract landscapes inspired by the coastal atmosphere

Featured Artist Jaye Alison Moscariello

Artist Jaye Alison Moscariello presents a compelling collection of abstract paintings bursting with color and energy.

Featured Artist Deb Hall

Artist Deb Hall presents a remarkable group of complex layered abstract paintings filled with color and texture.

Featured Artist Margaret Dobbins

Artist Margaret Dobbins presents a collection of diaphanous abstract paintings filled with light and movement.

Featured Artist Anže Ivanuš

Artist Anzi Ivanus shares a collection of  dreamlike paintings inspired by life experience, with hidden meanings and symbols.

Featured Artist Patricia Raible

Artist Patricia Raible presents a distinctive portfolio of abstract mixed media works using complex layers and textures.