Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2021

Enjoy this showcase collection of artwork by 32 talented artists, on themes that range from nature to abstraction.

Featured Artist Victoria Cameron Glass

Abstract expressionist artist Victoria Cameron Glass creates colorful paintings on Plexiglas using reverse imaging.

Featured Artist Laura McRae-Hitchcock

Artist Laura McRae Hitchcock explores the idea of Thin Places through her ethereal nest and abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Temel Nal

Artist Temel Nal illustrates multiple realities in his photo impressionistic images.

Featured Artist Ana Sneeringer

Slovenian artist Ana Sneeringer presents a collection of bold, abstract portraits of women.

Featured Artist Joyce Ozier

Artist Joyce Ozier employs bold, expressive brushstrokes and vivid color in her large-format, captivating abstracts.

Featured Artist Doris Vasek

Artist Doris Vasek creates complex layered abstracts using oil and cold wax.

Featured Artist Wayne K. Johnson

Artist Wayne K. Johnson shares a selection of energetic mixed media drawings and expressive abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Ute Bivona

Artist Ute Bivona presents a glorious portfolio filled with vibrant floral paintings.

Featured Artist Katie Hoffmeier

Artist Katie Hoffmeier uses a fascinating creative process to produce vividly colorful, contemporary abstracts.

Featured Artist Bindia Hallauer

Artist Bindia Hallauer offers a selection of abstract expressionist paintings inspired by life events. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I am a self-taught artist who paints in abstract expressionist style. Whenever an inner compulsion exists, I choose to honor the internal imperative.     I do not sketch prior to […]

Featured Artist Rosemarie Langtry

Inspired by the hands-on process, Rosemarie Langtry uses encaustic and found objects to create ethereal works of art.

Featured Artist Mark E. Weleski

Artist Mark E. Weleski uses shaped canvases to add form and dimensionality to his colorful abstract imagery.

Featured Artist Barry Tarr

Photographer and digital artist Barry Tarr shares a collection of abstract images designed to resonate emotionally with the viewer.