Featured Artist Cindy Grisdela

I describe my work as Contemporary Art Quilts for the Wall. My designs evolved out of the quiltmaking tradition, but speak to a more modern aesthetic.

Featured Artist Sharon Deveaux

Using various camera parts made of metal and glass, artist Sharon Deveaux creates intriguing jewelry, assemblage art and fun figures.

Featured Artist Shawn Marie Hardy

Mystery and fantasy unite and worlds where possibilities are endless present themselves. Each collage is a story waiting to be told.

Featured Artist Bernard Boffi

I try to construct works that relay the process of spontaneity inherent in the works’ “intention.” Between events in one’s life and the formal requirements of expression, one attempts to “find” what cannot be seen, or metaphorically constructed.

Featured Artist T Barny

My sculptures bring symmetry and energy to the stone. I carve with the movement the rock wants to release.

Featured Artist Dalya Sayed

My photos are not just pictures, they capture the physical representation of place, time and people and the stories that accompany them.

Featured Artist Kimberly Santini

Making art from the heart of a household has infused my imagery with a deep human connection. Every day that I pick up my brushes I do so in a place where family and compassion have thrived.

Artist Showcase Late Spring 2019

Catch this collection of artists in this showcase featuring a wide range of subject, style and inspiration. Click on each artist’s name to see more of their work.     Louise Laplante My work connects the texts, and ideas, in the vintage book, music or correspondence pages, with images those words evoke to comment on […]

Featured Artist Sue Steele Thomas

The dream of being an automobile illustrator began several decades ago, even though, at the time, there were very few women painting images of cars.

Featured Artist Carol Meckling

…there is something powerful and useful in the container of making art that eventually keeps all that I feel in perspective. Stepping into the creative flow, I feel most authentic, most in my body, calm, grounded and clear.

Featured Artist Barton Lewis

I also became interested in shooting on the street, and this led to my other project, “urban topographies,” consisting of images of building facades, construction fences, doors and mailboxes.

Featured Artist Alexey Adonin

My work refers to the notions of preexisting ideas, knowledge and beliefs present in the mind, something that I’m born with rather than something I have learned through experience.

Featured Artist Marc Garrison

In my artwork, I like to explore depth and layers as they relate to longevity and second chances in life, peeling back the paper to see deeper levels by uncovering forgotten colors, shapes, and lines.

Featured Artist Lesley Riley

My original wet-cyan leaf prints are the jumping off point for digital photo manipulation used as a tool to amplify and enrich their natural shapes creating colorful and unexpected imagery that draws you in.