Featured Artist Michelle Samerjan

Artist Michelle Samerjan blends the East and West to create intricate and beautiful images. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Artist Michelle Samerjan


My journey to this artistic fusion of East and West began in of all places Indianapolis. My mother, an artist herself, felt whether or not I became an artist, I should understand what it was my mother did and explore the magic of creating.


Jour du Mariage


And so began an interesting childhood where the passion and love of art was taught to me in the same breath as reading and writing.




With only my training as a youth, I began to experiment with a style of painting and collage. I had travelled extensively through Asia in my 20’s.


Irises painting by Michelle Samerjan


My collecting and then my painting, and use of antique embroidered Chinese fabrics, rare coins and talismans, and spiritual mantras such as collectable Buddhist manuscript pages became the “colors” to a 3 dimensional palette that I would work with for the next 20 years.


"Shamatha" Buddha portrait by artist Michelle Samerjan


With international collectors from the Sultan of Brunei, to the Prime Minister of Austrailia, to even Dr. Phil McGraw of T.V fame and countless corporations such as Hyatt Regency Hotels, Microsoft, Peabody Hotels, JW Marriott, Sony Pictures, Intercontinental Hotels, and Siemens, my artistic “star” is definitely on the rise.


Floral Still Life "The Music of Hikite" by Michelle Samerjan


My world is a place where east and west, past and present harmoniously collide into my master works. I invite you to my website and am happy to discuss these works with you personally.


Floral Still Life "Spring at Lhasa" by Michelle Samerjan


I have both original works of art for sale as well as beautiful heavily enhanced Imperial Editions (some even including antiquities affixed to the prints…much like the originals), and I also have a new jewelry line called Moonglow Café with many of the nuances of the fine art there. Something for every pocketbook. Namaste.


"Tian Ma" by artist Michelle Samerjan

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