Featured Artist Kathryn Carr

Kathryn Carr presents her delightful portfolio of images, cut from paper in the scherenschnitte technique. See her website for more from this artist.


Paper fresh off the cutting board


I began experimenting with my own contemporary form of scherenschnitte in 2008. I was in my late 30’s and it was a time in my life that felt I was at my lowest point creatively. I had accumulated and surrounded myself with lots of different art materials and my attention was pulled in so many directions that I was mentally overwhelmed and distracted.


Scherenschnitte greeting cards

Scherenschnitte greeting cards


I came to the decision that a drastic change was needed and cleansed my life by selling or giving away most all of my art tools, equipment, and supplies. With a fresh start I wanted to create something unique, something I could work on while traveling, and that did not require a lot of studio space.


"Once Upon a Midnight Dreary" for a Berlin art show

“Once Upon a Midnight Dreary” for a Berlin art show


I began paper cutting because it reminded me of block print art but without the involved process and materials. Once I completed enough art for a solo gallery show, I knew I had found my true artistic passion.


Ketubah commission

Ketubah commission


Now, I continue to enjoy the process of paper cutting and I like the freedom of being able to portray a broad range of subject matter. The most rewarding part of my art is that I make an emotional connection with a wide and diverse audience.


Large scale work

Large scale work


So many people say that it reminds them of something from their childhood, or that it is endearing or quirky and makes them smile. For the first time in my life I feel that I am creating art that is really meaningful and worthwhile. I cherish and am thankful for my friends, family, and customers; their encouragement, feedback and patronage means the world to me.


puppet theater

Interactive puppet theater


My designs begin by sketching an idea and giving it a sense of movement and purpose.


Artist collaboration/Craft-O-Tron Machine

Artist collaboration/Craft-O-Tron Machine

The imagery for my art is drawn from a combination of what I see in everyday life, the memories from my childhood and a wry sense of humor. I then draw the image on a back of the paper that is to be cut.


Nativity scene

Nativity scene



Using a scissor or knife blade, I carefully cut away the paper to reveal the image. Most of my originals are cut from one sheet of paper and are framed in a shadow box to accentuate the play of shadows cast by the paper cut. Selected originals are reproduced to make up my line of greeting cards, prints, calendars, t-shirts and many other useful items.


Small puppet theater

Small puppet theater


I love how the simplicity of silhouette form can produce such complex expressions and conjure vivid nostalgic memories and feelings.


Godzilla lamp

Godzilla lamp


I am currently working on refining my art and the business of art. I keep in mind that setting goals, networking, delegating tasks, and that learning from mistakes are mandatory for success.




  1. This is absolutely lovely. I’d love to purchase some of those lampshades! So whimsical! Great work.

  2. Beautiful work and very nice clean website. I’ve always been intrigued by Scherenschnitte. I love your whimsical style!

  3. OMG…beautiful work…and I know cutting that out is not easy at all!The shades are so creative…love them!!

  4. debbie munz says

    Do you sell the nativity scenes? If so how much are they? Debbie Munz

    • Hello Debbie,
      Thank you for your interest in my art.
      Yes I do sell nativity scenes. Currently I hand cut each one and the background measures approximately 12″ x 9″. They cost $65.00
      You are welcome to send me an e-mail for any other specifics or questions.

      • Nola Child says

        Are you still selling the nativity scenes? I would love one!


        • I do have a few! They are hand cut and measure about 14″ long and 7″ tall they are $45.00
          Please send me an email if you are interested with your shipping address and let me know what your preferred method of payment is and I can send you more details. (Credit Card or Check) Thanks! Kathryn [email protected]

  5. Are you selling the Godzilla lampshade?

    • Hello Dawn,
      I currently sell nightlights with Godzilla on my website and if you are interested in a lampshade I have some I sell “off line”
      They measure width 9″ height 8″ $65.00 plus shipping. If you are interested please shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can send you a photo and more details!

  6. I am interested in having a scherenschnitte made celebrating my son’s wedding. I am thinking of a man, a woman with their names in calligraphy under each, with a church somehow represented, with the date of the wedding at the bottom. I am thinking of something about 12 inches high and 18 inches long.

    If you do this type of art, please call me on 302.724.5354.

    Bob King

    • Kathryn Carr says

      Hello Bob,

      Thank you for reaching out!
      I am currently illustrating a children’s book and unfortunately can not take on any more art projects for this year or next.

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