Featured Artist Michelle Powell

Artist Michelle Powell works in different mediums to create her stunning portfolio. Enjoy her work and see more by visiting her website.




What’s the most unusual commission I’ve ever had? Straight up has to be Jesse Bird, the guinea fowl; beloved fool of his proud owners. The question was do I do this classical Audubon style or with quizzical whimsy? Quizzical whimsy won.




Each piece of work I do calls for its own flavor. Since I work in several media, I can pick which one suits the idea best. Oil paint creates a substantial, vibrant feel, good for traditional portraiture, landscapes or florals, as well as more imaginative art.




Colored pencil marries perfectly my love of drawing and color while giving a gentle glow to the faces of children, pets, etc. Watercolor slips between fluid exuberance and fine detail as in these paintings done of the beautiful hill towns of Umbria in Italy.


Perugia Italy


Occasionally I dash, like a careening roller skater, into some mixed media piece incorporating stained glass, hand made papers, gold leaf and oil paint. What possessed me, other than a clear desire to giggle? (This is not a good idea when applying metal leaf of any sort. It practically vaporizes with a breath.)


young girl


I would like to say I am a neo-realistic with a bent for idealism and humor. Sometimes a conventional portrait, true to form and striving for a clear expression of beauty (inner, if not outer) is what is called for. Sometimes the glimmer of light reflecting in a cat’s eye is enough to bring tears and a careful watercolor homage to that momentary beauty.




Art is the only work I ever aspired to. My degrees are in doing and teaching it. I drew as a child to fill my imagination and express to longings of my heart. It has become an intrinsic part of my interface with the planet and other humans. I can bring an author the visualization of their story. I can bring intuition and spiritual traditions and symbols into a visionary Soul Song Portrait.




Life has taken me many pathways in and out of being able to stay entirely focused on this, my life’s work. I paint portraits and visions, landscapes and critters. I have come into this century with my art as a business, using a blog and Facebook. My website shows some of the journey.  I show in galleries and farmer’s markets. Actually the farmer’s market has been the more successful venue, believe it or not.


girl in kimono


Always the art has watched over me like a guardian Angel; inspiring, cajoling, comforting. Always an artist comes to that sacred space where we create and express the unique nature of our humanity.



  1. Fantastic work. Wonderful diverse collection showing a breadth of expertise.

  2. Beautiful pieces and Michelle has a nice way with words, too. What is her website?

  3. Janine Jensen says

    WE LOVE MICHELLE POWELL and are very fortunate to have several of her pieces on display and for sale at MAD Arts in her hometown of MADISON COUNTY, Virginia. Michelle is the real deal.

  4. Jim Disbrow says

    Beauty is in the eyes of the … The difference between top-of-the-line portrait artists resides in the eyes – how the eyes of the person or animal in the painting are done. The eyes that Michelle paints are just the best – expressive, loving and full of the best depths of character of the one who has been painted – from a picture (or set of pictures), nonetheless. Look carefully at this feature of each paintings in this featured-artist show – no more need be said.

  5. Thank you! It’s sooo lovely to be appreciated!

  6. Jackie Reginello says

    Beautiful and poetic. Thank you for sharing your work and love for the arts and humanity. I am certain that it will inspire future generations.

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