Featured Artist Wendell Myers

Wendell Myers creates spontaneous, abstract landscapes that pop with dynamic color. See more of his work by visiting his website.

abstract red yellow


Both music and art have always been very important to me, and both play an integral part in my life now.


Out West   Acrylic on Canvas  24 x 24 Artist Wendell Myers


I played semi-professionally in a blues/rock band as a teenager, but quit when it was time for college.  I went to art school in Milwaukee in the ‘70s, and spent the next years as a studio potter.


abstract painting


Since then, life has taken me down different paths, but over the last decade I have found myself returning to both music and painting.


1.  Dark Beyond Blue


In both music and art, I am very interested in improvisation.  I paint spontaneously, without a plan, letting the painting take me where it will go.


Winter Improvisation


I start by applying color to the canvas and see what happens, I respond with more color or texture, watch, react, paint some more, respond.  This is a lot like jazz; listening, reacting and playing simultaneously.


Wendell Myers in Studio


My goal is not to totally control what emerges, but to influence it; to allow, to a degree, the paint to do what it will.  Often, in music or art, it is the unexpected result which is the most expressive and most enjoyable.


abstract painting


My paintings are abstract landscapes.  Within the language of landscape, I am using motion, light, color and energy to evoke an emotional state, to create a sense of mystery.




Music inspires me; I always have music on when I paint.  It might be jazz, blues, classical piano, world music; usually it’s a mix of everything.


red abstract


Also nature, the landscape, particularly wide-open spaces, expansive vistas.  I am a true flatlander, having spent much of my childhood in the Great Plains of Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota, so big sky and open spaces turn me on.


abstract red blue


In March, 2013, I will be the featured artist at SaxArt Gallery in Saxapahaw North Carolina.  Although I have plenty of work on hand, I would like the core of this show to be new work, so I am hoping to complete 6 to 12 strong pieces in time for that event.



  1. Wendell, I like your paintings! The freedom and movement are what I like best.
    Have fun and good luck with the next group of paintings for your show!

  2. I admire your paintings. They are truly abstract and expressionist.

  3. Nice stuff Wendel! Ever consider diptych or triptych paintings? A nice way to go a little larger while still keeping a comfortable size for storage and shipping…Congratulations on a nice body of work! I’m off to your website!

    • Thanks, James! Have thought a lot about diptych/ triptych. Haven’t gone there yet, but probably will, soon. I see from your website that you make GREAT use of that approach!!! Love your stuff!

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