Featured Artist Sophie Kittredge

Illustrator Sophie Kittredge shares her charming portfolio. Enjoy, and find out more about this artist by visiting her website.


china boat


I illustrate maps, books, magazines, games and product packaging. But I feel most creative and have the most fun illustrating children’s books.


kalahari bushmen


Born in Paris, France, I grew up in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. So I have fun mixing all the different cultural and artistic influences I was exposed to as a kid in my books. We always had animals. Along with my favorite dogs, I drew inspiration for my latest books from intricate Persian miniature paintings for one book, and Japanese screens and woodblock prints for another.


middle eastern


After earning a BA in illustration from Harrow College of Art near London in the UK, I spent a few years in New York City painting background scenery for animation and film. At the same time as I was painting watercolor backgrounds for the Beavis and Butthead movie, I discovered the pleasures of vicarious travel through map making and started making illustrated maps for various publishers.


california map


Watercolor, gouache and Photoshop are the tools of my trade, though I’m not wedded to any one particular medium. Whatever it takes to create the best effect is fine with me.


japanese village


Of my two author-illustrated books, one is also an ebook. And I’ve made two short book trailers for them with music and animation. For my next ebook and app, I plan to include my animation as well as my choice of music and voices.


Chinese Boy with Dog


I just finished illustrating a commissioned picture book set in New Zealand.


Please Take Me Shayan's Tale by Artist Sophie Kittredge


I’m also trying to do a lot of sketching these days. My favorite models are animals. I work on a variety of commissions, and I have a new children’s book in the works.




My goal is to keep exploring new book ideas, keep developing my style, and sharpening my artistic skills.


Labrador Retriever


I really love being a full-time illustrator!


  1. Beautiful work, Sophie! It has a lovely, clean quality and such liveliness!

  2. Gorgeous work! Congratulations on your success.

  3. Excellent work and I am very glad those hard days of study paid off!! Fond regards Christopher.

  4. it really shows that she loves to illustrate…her art is beautiful!

  5. Sophie, I think your very talented! I love all your art work, it’s so beautiful and everytime I see a dog that you have painted I think it’s Joe. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank-you for the nice comments.

  7. so much frechness in all those paintings ! a real pleasure , just beautiful

  8. “Well done!”, Sophie!

    I am a long time fan of yours! I love your work and your love for illustration. I am looking forward to your next works.

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