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My work utilizes unconventional tools. Not paints and canvas, but knife blades and Scratchboard. Scratchboard is a rigid white clayboard covered with a thin layer of black India ink.



Century Tree


I use an Xacto knife blade to scratch away the black ink one stroke at a time, revealing the white clayboard underneath. There is something miraculous about bringing to life brightness on a stark black background. I love the intricacies I can achieve with simply a knife blade, and the dramatic mood I can create with simple shades of gray.


scratchboard, masquerade, mask


Occasionally I will add color to the piece after the black and white etching is complete via watercolors or acrylics. However, I use color sparingly, as I believe each piece should embody scratchboard’s native black and white character.


moonlight, tree in the moonlight, scratchboard


Color in my pieces range from a pale wash to an opaque layer of paint. Because scratchboard is an unforgiving medium, I carefully plan and illustrate each piece in detail using pencil and paper before the actual Scratchboard piece is begun. The etching process itself often takes several months per piece to complete.


Scratchboard, castle walls, ruins, druids


My works draw heavily from ideas of nature, dreamscapes, imaginative realism, ancient architecture, and fantasy art. I use these to portray themes of peace, exploration, mystery, and faith.


Notre Dame, drawing of Note Dame Basilica, church, altar, church interior


I strive to surround the viewer with imaginary places and characters that he wishes he could visit and explore.  What would it be like to peer into a landscape that is mystical or awe-inspiring? To step into a grand gothic cathedral, or a forest that glows with something magical, or come across an woodland faerie?


scratchboard, green man


Most of my ideas spring out from my head whilst daydreaming, but I also get inspiration from architecture, fantasy novels and games, other artists, and requests from friends and family.


scratchboard, columns with water, underground river


The intersection of fantasy art and scratchboard is a unique one, and I rarely come across other artists who live in this realm. One of my artistic goals is to spread knowledge of the scratchboard medium. Another is to someday visit some of the amazing ancient architecture and landscapes, mostly in Europe, that serve as inspirations for so many of my pieces.

I owe my artistic nature to my mother, who always encourages me to keep creating, and to my loving husband, Shane, who is so supportive of my love of art.

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  1. WOW ~ GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much Andrea, for sharing your work!

  2. your art is awesome…i can just imagine the preciseness of scratchboard…you make it look easy!!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful comments!

  4. Carol Salazar says

    Beautiful unique works of art! Each piece spins a familiar, delicate well woven tale, giving the feeling that you had glimpsed into my dreamland. I can’t wait to view your artwork at your next showing, Andrea. Could you post the details? Thank you….

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