Artist Showcase, Early Winter 2023

Enjoy these favorite artworks from nineteen different artists in a variety of mediums and style.

Artist Showcase, Late Summer 2020

Enjoy this showcase featuring the work of twenty-seven artists who share their inspiration and passion for creating art.

Featured Artist Paul Hopman

Artist Paul Hopman takes the art of scratchboard to new heights, creating meticulously detailed animal portraits

Featured Artist Julie T. Chapman

Artist Julie T. Chapman creates powerful and expressive animal images in scratchboard and oil, capturing the beauty of her subjects.

Featured Artist Anne Palmer

My focus is on nature and in particular, animals. In every piece I do, my goal is for it to be technically better than the last one.

Featured Artist Ann Ranlett

When I discovered scratchboard at a workshop at an illustrator’s conference in the late ‘90’s, it was a “light bulb moment!” The amount of detail the surface allows is amazing.

Featured Artist Lisa Goesling

Because I like to use a magnifying glass to see what is truly going on, my art tends to be consumed with microscopic details.

Featured Artist Lesley Barrett

I do like to “scratch” all forms of animal life but my focus is on cats, especially the medium and big cats.

Featured Artist Andrea Schouten

The intersection of fantasy art and scratchboard is a unique one, and I rarely come across other artists who live in this realm. One of my artistic goals is to spread knowledge of the scratchboard medium. Another is to someday visit some of the amazing ancient architecture and landscapes, mostly in Europe, that serve as inspirations for so many of my pieces.