Featured Artist Sandy Blass

You can almost breathe in the fresh air in artist Sandy Blass’ beautiful landscape portfolio. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Lake Minnewanka #1

“Lake Minnewanka #1″ watercolour on paper, 21″ x 29”


I am a full-time artist working out of my studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I received my Fine Arts degree in the mid-80s. After many years away from artistic pursuits, I found this world and environment I am submerged in quite literally calling me back.


Lake Minnewanka #2

“Lake Minnewanka #2″ watercolour on paper, 21″ x 14”


Growing up in Canada and near the Rocky Mountains has influenced my art in a deeply spiritual way. Responding to the immensity of the landscape’s sublime and mystical qualities has always been central to my work. There is no artistic endeavor for me that does not respond to the incredible message that nature sends.


Mount Rundle in Fall

“Mount Rundle in Fall” watercolour on paper, 29″ x 21″


As well as the landscape itself, I am also very much moved by other artists who have responded in similar ways, namely Native art with its purity of line and shape, as well as Lawren Harris of the Group of Seven, whose work also evokes a pure, minimal quality.


Maligne Lake

“Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park” watercolour on paper, 11.5″ x 22″


In my own work, the desire to depict landscape in a harmony of reduced line, rhythm of shape and colour results in uniquely stylized compositions that are intended to emulate the harmony of the landscape as it is and point to the quiet, peaceful message that the Western Canadian landscape sends.


Sun and Storm

“Sun and Storm” watercolour on rag board, 30″ x 40″


While I will occasionally delve into acrylic painting and have in the past dabbled with oils, watercolor painting is my first and true love. The process of painting in watercolor provides a fine balance between control and serendipity, much like life itself, and requires a measure of letting go that I find both challenging and rewarding.


Jerusalem Cityscape

“Jerusalem Cityscape” watercolour on paper, 21″ x 29″


Ultimately, I am interested in capturing the sublime quality of landscape through the purity of the relationship of one shape, line or colour to the next, and thereby evoke the natural spiritual beauty of the environment in which I work and live.


Lake Minnewanka #3

“Lake Minnewanka #3″ watercolour on paper, 21″ x 14”


While my work is by no means limited to landscape, diversions from this subject are largely further studies into the interplay of these basic elements of form and structure as a means of spiritual expression.


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  1. Vanessa @ Green Global Travel says

    These are beautiful landscapes! I particularly like “Lake Minnewanka #1.” Thanks for sharing a bit of your story and what art means to you.

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