Featured Artist Jean-Claude Louis

Photographer/digital artist Jean-Claude Louis shares his fascinating portfolio of work. Visit his website to learn more about him.


Pecan Grove and Moon

“Pecan Grove and Moon” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24″ x 24″ x 1″


A native of Alsace, France, I am an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest. Using traditional film, as well as digital photography, digital processing and printmaking techniques, I create images that explore themes of nature and landscape.


Red Forest Alsace

“Red Forest Alsace” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24″ x 24″ x 1″


My creative processes and approach to my artwork are a reflection of my training as a physician and a scientist – a continuous path of exploration and experimentation.


Autumn Light

“Autumn Light” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24″ x 24″ x 1″


Instead of presenting the reality of things, I find my fascination in transforming it into a subjective perspective. ‘Making’ an image rather than’ taking’ a picture – less description, more imagination; less documentation, more suggestion.


Down by the River

“Down by the River” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 20” x 40” x 2”


By manipulating color, light, shadows, contrast and texture, I seek to create images of beauty, and I trust that the enchantment, the poetry will follow.


Bladder Senna, Water Lilies and Indian Grass

“Bladder Senna, Water Lilies and Indian Grass” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 28” x 36 ”x 2”


I am not particular about subject matter. I shoot landscapes, seascapes, flowers, plants, reflections. Trees are a favorite motif of mine.  Like silent friends, they connect man with nature, making the tree language a universal one.


Coastal Oak, California

“Coastal Oak, California” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 20” x 50” x 2”


My images show how glorious these noble creations look when transformed by the seasons, how resilient they are by facing stoically storms, rain, snow, and ice. Symbols of impermanence.


Oak Tree Study

“Oak Tree Study” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24″ x 24″ x 1″


While a majority of my images are made from single photographs, some are created by combining multiple photographs, adding textures and backgrounds. These photographs are digitally assembled to achieve an original design.



“Winterscape” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24” x 28” x 1”


Once the digital images are complete, a metal print is created. Metal prints represent a new art medium for presenting photographs by infusing dyes, using heat and pressure, directly into coated brushed aluminum plates.


Red Leaves Alsace

“Red Leaves Alsace” dye-infused print on brushed aluminum, 24″ x 24″ x 1″


The image is infused into the surface of the print and not resting on it. As the light plays with the sheer metal and the inks, the image will take on an almost magical luminescence.



  1. Interesting & stunningly beautiful…I like it.

  2. I love your work, and i bet it’s even more beautiful in person on those aluminum plates! I am a lover of trees/nature too so i find your imagery just awesome!!

  3. Such beautiful and sensitive work. I feel your love for the planet. Thank you.

  4. The “Pecan Grove and Moon” by Jean-Claude Louis is amazing, as is all his works. But this one brings to mind the human heart, with all it’s complexity and beauty. Fantastic imagery. Hauntingly beautiful.

  5. Jean-Claude has a very unique style that is quite captivating! I’ll bet these images look even more gorgeous in person, especially if they were printed huge.

  6. I saw your art in Sacramento and it stopped me in my tracks! Love the tree motifs too (I have ‘Oak Tree Study’) but loved them all. The colors are amazing and the metal backing makes them pop. Thank you!

  7. Margaret Jannusch says

    Trying to reach artist, Jean-Claude Louis to buy the “Costal Oak” photo. Does not have any contact information on the web site.

    • Hi Margaret, Jean-Claude’s email is right at the bottom of his home page, perhaps you missed that. You can find him here: jc (at) jeanclaudelouis.com

  8. Dan Stearns says

    Do you do this type of rendering for private customers and what might be the costs involved ?

  9. Are you still creating? I just purchased your Red Forest, Alsace, France. love it. Great-grandfather was from Alsace Lorraine. I would like to buy your Montauk beach peebles photograph.

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