Featured Artist Julie Perri

Australian artist Julie Perri presents her portfolio of mixed media works. See more of her fascinating portfolio by visiting her website.



“Re-Appearance”, mixed media, 107 x 110cm


My recent work looks at resurrection and rebirth, focusing on discarded objects found in our everyday surroundings. This theme is motivated by a near death experience and a second chance at life.



“Resurrect”, mixed media, 176 x 136 cm


My work incorporates past life experiences with contemporary art practice, experimenting will non-traditional methods and mediums, into unique works of art. I am intrigued by natures influence on man and the process of aging.


Journey of Life

“Journey of Life”, mixed media, 110 x 110 cm


Since an early age, I have been interested in deteriorating objects, the power of nature, recycling and creating art. Growing up on a farm and having little money for art supplies, I would make unusual artworks from anything I could find.


Julie Perri

“Beneath the Path We Trod”, mixed media, 120 x 100 cm


Most of my recent works involve mixed media techniques, combine with painting, drawing and assemblage. The mediums I use include pigments, soil, plant dyes, bark, rusted surfaces and acrylic paints.


Julie Perri in studio

Julie Perri in the studio at Charles Sturt University, Australia.


I am inspired by artists such as Anselm Keiffer, Alberto Burri and Valerie Hegarty.


Spontaneous Abstraction

“Spontaneous Abstraction”, mixed media, 110 x 110 cm


This year I will be completing my Masters of Visual Arts, attending a month artist in residency at the Newington Armoury in Sydney, having a solo exhibition and busy creating lots of art.


Layers of Life

“Layers of Life”, mixed media, 140 x 56 cm


My goals are to show my work through-out Australia and internationally one-day, but at present I am enjoying experimenting with non-traditional ways of creating unique works of art.




  1. Oh YES! All of the above, but especially the last image: It breaks from the rectangle/canvas format strongly and effectively. Congratulations–Life is good.

  2. This is a really compelling body of work Julie. It is paradoxically subtle yet bold. While I see the influence of Anselm Kieffer (and I mean that as a positivism), I fully appreciate that your work is original and innovative. Love the disintegrating canvas and the NDE/cyclical subtheme running through your work…

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