Featured Artist Judy Klich

Enjoy the serene encaustic portfolio of artist Judy Klich, and visit her website to see more of her work.


Double Trouble

“Double Trouble”, encaustic, 10″ x 10″


My creative process is searching for a calming balance for my busy life as a wife, mother and teaching artist. Nature’s changing seasons offering the comforting and predictable cycles of life spark my inspiration.


One Wish

“One Wish”, encaustic, 10″ x 10″


I use a multi-layered approach combining layers of beeswax with complex and juxtaposed references of nature through painting, drawing and photograph. Organic textures combined with geometric elements especially circles are woven into each piece I create.


Semblance of Sunlight

“Semblance of Sunlight”, encaustic on wooden panel, 48″ x 52″ x 2″


I am intrigued by geometry because of the repetition and mathematical order where everything is arranged and has a place. Encaustic is the perfect expressive format for my recurring theme “calm versus chaos”—the theme of my life—a contradiction by nature: controlled yet unpredictable; simplistic yet complicated.



“Ephemeral”, encaustic on wooden panel, 48″ x 24″ x 2″


What are your goals?

I am currently represented by three galleries in Tennessee and one in North Carolina.  I want to expand to Asheville, North Caroline, Georgia and Florida.

I regularly teach classes and workshops in my studio I co-own with another artist – River Art Studio based in Nashville, TN.  I would love to expand the types of classes we offer and also offer professional practice classes to help others develop their style and professional career as an artist.


The Queen's Retreat

“The Queen’s Retreat”, encaustic on wooden panel, 30″ x 30″ x 3.5″


What are you working on now?

I continue to develop my style and am always researching and trying new techniques that I can incorporate in my work.  I want to push the abstract and layering aspect of encaustic along with a more subtle approach to nature within my work.  I have also been using circle panels in a grouping that are really exciting.  Circles are a metaphor that keep showing up in my work so it makes sense that I would start painting on circles.


Eight Evenly Even

“Eight Evenly Even”, encaustic


What inspires you?

The beauty around me and the changing of the seasons is my inspiration.  I recently took a mediation photography workshop and that has inspired me to paint just the details of nature and show my audience something they may have missed in nature.  I want to capture the essence of what is all around us in nature and that what we take for granted will not always be there.


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  1. I just love encaustic art…your work is so lovely!!

  2. Judy, Your work just continues to grow and become more and more appealing. From the time we worked together at the Academy of Art till now I’d say your work, which was always wonderful, has just gotten better and better! Congratulations!!! The work you are showing here is just wonderfully incredible!!

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