Featured Artist Stephen Cimini

Artist Stephen Cimini creates architecturally-inspired compositions he calls random symmetry.

Featured Artist Bela Fidel

Artist Bela Fidel combines the spontaneity and unpredictability of encaustic with other materials to produce deeply textured and layered images.

Featured Artist Patricia Leeds

Patricia Leeds creates mixed media and encaustic works filled with texture, contrast and light.

Featured Artist Carla Fisher

Artist Carla Fisher creates intriguing and textural fiber art using natural and upcycled materials.

Featured Artist Dianne Jean Erickson

The portrait series “Women With Attitude” happened spontaneously one day as I was playing around with shapes and color.

Featured Artist Judy Klich

Nature’s changing seasons offering the comforting and predictable cycles of life spark my inspiration.

Featured Artist Natalie Abrams

Over time, my work evolved into two distinct but related bodies of work – the three dimensional ribbon works and a body of abstract landscapes. The ribbon pieces began to take shape when I started working sculpturally in about 2004. I became increasingly interested in the dimensionality of sculpture and textures; giving texture a more pronounced depth.