Featured Artist James B. Campbell

Enjoy the amazing sculpture portfolio of artist James Campbell, who is a winner in the Healing Power of Art Exhibition. Find out more about him by visiting his website.


Dawn Weaver

“Dawn Weaver”, Acrylic on aluminum, 48″ x 60″


In order for us to grow we need to change our paradigms once in a while. I think this is very important. As a visual artist, that means changing the way I see my world which leads to changing the way I think about it. It may involve choosing a different vantage point from which to view something or selecting a different material to work with.


Syncretismi Cogitatio (Reconciling Diverse Thought)

“Syncretismi Cogitatio (Reconciling Diverse Thought)”, 27” x 45” Acrylic, mixed media on linen, aluminum


One method of changing my perspective is air travel, which allows me an overview of the landscape. From this platform I get a different view of the world, the industry of man becomes immediately apparent in the cities, highways and colorful farm fields. Observing from above, I become absorbed in noticing the details of highways and railroads skirting mountains, and geometrically irrigated fields.


Installing the Sundogs

“Installing the Sundogs”, 31” x 52” Acrylic on linen, aluminum


Noticing, not just what we have built, but also the winding flow of rivers, mountain barriers, and the sensuousness of unmelted snow in the shadows of trees.


Awakened by Thunder

“Awakened by Thunder”, 36” x 58” Acrylic on polypropylene, wood & aluminum


Oil and water do not mix, but somehow the human mind is capable of transcending that reality, allowing opposing concepts to be held simultaneously. I have often been fascinated with these inherent disconnects.


Here & There

“Here & There”, 48” x 50” Acrylic on HDU, aluminum


The fluidity of our thought processes allow currents and eddies to mingle these disparate concepts. Picture marbled end-pages in an old book. In my sculpture pieces these conflicts in thought are frequently illustrated by shifts in the imagery or splits in the elements of the work.




“Caprice”, 39” x 74” Acrylic on linen


Maps, in particular topographical maps, are a way of recording our activities in relation to the landscape just as brain scans map the activities of our minds. So, it seems natural to utilize the symbols of our common landscape to draw parallels with our thinking patterns.


Reconstructing the Ancients

“Reconstructing the Ancients”, 58” x 36” Acrylic, texture paint on linen, aluminum, copper, acrylic resin sheet, PVC


I love working with different materials. Becoming engaged with a new material always stretches me to find alternative solutions. Materials that may have been overlooked, when viewed as a resource or raw material, spark new challenges and opportunities for realizing the expression of ideas.


Vulcan's Passion

“Vulcan’s Passion”, 26” x 62” Acrylic on linen, aluminum, cold cast bronze


What I like about abstract work is that, when viewing, our individual interpretative filters are brought in to play, and we are encouraged to expand how we see. In many ways, my sculptural paintings through the language of landscape, color, and composition become a map of the moment of creation.


Magellan Dreams of Mars

“Magellan Dreams of Mars”, 63” x 30” Acrylic on linen, aliminum, brass


To me this is the real landscape of how I live and think, create solutions, and overcome challenges. Growth is when, through my work, I can create something that lets people see the world a little differently.


James Campbell invites you to view this YouTube video that shares more about his work as an artist.




  1. I really enjoy this body of work–very fun, clean, bright, and smart. Congratulations on it, as well as your recent acclaim via The Healing Power of Art Exhibition.

  2. Wow. Gorgeous stuff. It’s amazing how detailed and intricate your pieces are while still remaining cohesive. It seems like every detail you add, no matter how small, has a NEED to be there. Can’t wait to see more.

    • James Campbell says

      More to come. Two pieces in the works right now, getting ready for the Bloomington Open Studios Tour coming up in 10 days.

  3. Such thoughtful work! Do watch the video linked above – it’s illuminating to see Mr. Campbell’s pieces with more dimensionality than you can get with static images.

    • James Campbell says

      It’s true, it’s difficult to display the full scope of the work in a single photograph. I sometimes take detail shots of work in progress which show the dimensionality of the pieces in a completely different way. I must also say that Sarah Curtiss of WTIU who conducted the interview and produced the segment did a wonderful job of conveying the detail and sculptural nature of the works.

  4. Trish Kerle says

    I so appreciate James’ attention to color and shape and texture and the deeply expressive emotional qualities embedded in and unique to every single piece. Like snowflakes, no two are alike, and I love that about his work. Wonderful, wonderful.

  5. Nancy Kryway says

    Congratulations Jim., Dawn Weaver”, “Installing the Sundogs”…magnificent, and I love the way the pieces in “Here and There” fit together. It makes me think of pangea. Well done Mr. Campbell.

    • James Campbell says

      Thanks, “Dawn Weaver” was a rather impromptu piece. Inspiration for this came during a trip to Chicago, seeing the wind farms in Northern Indiana glowing in the early morning light.

  6. Marilyn H says

    Inspiring! James Campbell’s work simultaneously provides me with a sense of deep groundedness AND complete liberation. “Awakened by Thunder” is my favorite to date. There is certainly much to ponder and appreciate in this artist’s work.

    • James Campbell says

      Thank you Marilyn. ‘Awakened by Thunder’ is one where the title came to me in the midst of the work, conveying that sudden, explosive moment of confusion. This is also my second foray into the use of cross-linked polypropylene, here it is exposed rather than wrapped, allowing it’s natural color and surface properties contribute to the theme.

  7. I have enjoyed James Campbell’s work for many years. This body of work takes form and perception to a level that few other painter/sculptor’s that I have seen are doing . We enjoyed presenting hi work in gallery406 a few months ago.

  8. Donna Dafoe says

    I really enjoyed looking at the artwork on your site. It was very beautiful. I especially like the “Installing the Sundogs” by James Campbell. Jim, congratulations on such an outstanding piece of work.

  9. What I love about Jim is that he is thoughtful, imaginative and fearless in his work. I love visiting him in his studio since I never know which new artistic pathway he has embarked upon. He is a phenomenal explorer of what is creatively possible.

  10. Fizzah Zaidi says

    I love how you can take mixed media and flow it together so well. I love seeing you use the strengths of each material and how you make them play with each other. I most love watching you explore new ways to use the familiar. Every piece is so unique in its ability to display such harmony.

  11. Corwin Campbell says

    Congratulations on the much deserved award! I have to agree with the poster above that these pictures don’t do the pieces justice. It’s hard to grasp the texture and depth of the works, or understand the impact of a 5′ x 3′ low relief piece from a small image. These are pieces you can get lost in.

  12. Victoria Rogers says

    I love his work. No two pieces elicit the same emotional reaction on my part. I love the variety and the incorporation of various media. The use of recycled books as sculpting materials is amazing and makes a strong statement about seeing possibilities for expression in seemingly mundane and often discarded objects. The colors and textures and depth of each piece invite my eye to explore the totality and the detail. (Thanks, Jim, for the video of you discussing your work, the process, and the intention.)

  13. Beautiful work, stimulating and thought-provoking but also somehow serene.

    • James Campbell says

      I’m pretty comfortable with being myself, and believe that art does not have to be confrontational to have intent.

  14. Awakened by Thunder is dramatic with a bit of whimsy. Love it!

    • James Campbell says

      Whimsy, nice word choice. Often I tend to be rather serious about my work, but sometimes it is just a joy to do something with a lighter, even humorous side.

  15. Congratulations James for winning this wonderful award and for being selected for the Manhattan Arts International exhibition by Lilly Wei, art critic for Art in America magazine. James you are definitely a one of a kind artist. As you know I’ve been a fan of your art for years. Carolyn, as always you did a beautiful job of presenting James’ art work here. Thank you very much for participating in this year’s competition as an award sponsor.

    • James Campbell says

      Thank you Renee. I’ve enjoyed the encouragement I’ve received from entering exhibitions with Manhattan Arts International and appreciate your continued support in selecting my work again this year. Agreed, the presentation put together by Carolyn looks great.

  16. Jim Koryta says

    Very nice and beautiful work. Perusing your website I really enjoyed the recycled art journalism pieces.

    Jim Koryta

  17. cheryl koryta says

    This is beautiful and amazing work, Jim! I was in awe as I watched your video and could see you create, and hear your thoughts about your art. Congratulations!

    • James Campbell says

      Thank you both for your kind comments. You should definitely stop in to see the work in person. I’ve recently rehung all of the art in the house for the Bloomington Open Studios Tour.

  18. Barbara Kroeker says

    I am always overwhelmed by the extent of thought and feeling that go into each piece of your art. I love the explanations that accompany your exhibit. We feel very fortunate to own one of your wall sculptures and everyone who sees it loves the combination of colors and textures. Congratulations on your award, Jim. Hope there are many more to come!!

    • James Campbell says

      It was a pleasure to have you visit again and be able to share my new work with you. I’m pleased that ‘Siskiyou Synapse’ has found a good home with you.

  19. Sandy Larson says

    Jim, I am continually amazed by your work. You combine canvas with sculpture in an amazing way. Your design and color compositions invite hours of contemplation.

    • James Campbell says

      Thank you Sandy. I guess that is what all artists hope for, to create images that will have the strength and lasting qualities that will continue to engage viewers imaginations for years to come.

  20. Janice Cheng says

    Wow! This work is phenomenal! Each time that I view the different sculpture, I see something more. Each time that I read your comments about your work, I’m inspired to think more about what I’m viewing and applying the thoughts to real life and the real world. As a quilt-maker, I’m especially drawn to your use of colors. Congratulations!

    • I’ve always loved color and enjoy the subtle changes that take place while mixing pigments. There is a very satisfying stillness in the studio when I’m preparing my paint pallet. I suppose that is why I feel compelled to do more than just sculpt my forms.

  21. Julie Anne Roberts says

    I’ve seen these in person and the textures are mind-blowing and mysterious. They are satiny, velvety, suedey, canvasy, and silvery without being obviously made of any such materials. James has created a tour de force of materials mastery paired with an absolutely unerring sense of organic design. Love it!

  22. Richard Nelson says

    I’ve been following James Campbell and his art since the 1970’s. Is that possible !!! There is no finer creative mind as all his creations amply testify. His skills as an artist flow through his work in all kinds of established and completely original media … and are breath-taking. I can’t wait to see where he goes next!


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