Featured Artist Lisa Goesling

Enjoy the fragile beauty of Lisa Goesling’s nature-inspired portfolio, and be sure to visit her website for more from this talented artist.



“Marigold” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


Endlessly inspired by nature’s designs, I begin each day excited to create.


Group of Colombines

“Group of Columbines” scratchboard with colored inks, 8″ x 8″


I generally work on several pieces at a time. Often there is a commissioned piece that needs attention and countless more ideas waiting to be realized. They tend to be seasonal, since I work from what is unfolding before me.


Evolution of an Iris

“Evolution of an Iris” scratchboard with colored inks, 12″ x 9″


Current commissions include a drawing of a Pussy Willow and a Coleus. My process includes scratching away at boards made of clay and a layer of India ink. When desired, I paint with colored inks at the very end of the process. The Pussy Willow will have just a bit of color, the Coleus will be about half color and half black and white. Showing the path of creation is an important component of my art.


Cut Cabbage

“Cut Cabbage” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


I just completed Cut Cabbage and am now tackling a single Brussels sprout. It was helpful to have my magnifying glass so that I could carefully separate the leaves to make it look like a flower just about to open.



“Kale” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


As my art evolves, I find myself creating more abstract renditions of every day objects, like kale or cabbage, which are rarely seen as an art form. I invite the viewer to discover how the ordinary can be transformed into something extraordinary.


Encendido wine labels

Encendido wine labels, printed with detail of a grape leaf art, 3″ x 5.75″


Spending most of my career as an art director/designer, I am hypersensitive to forms, patterns and contrast. When I was asked to create a wine label for Encendido Wine of Argentina, I concentrated on the physical structure of a grape leaf. The art is both simple and intensely detailed as with all of my art, striving to create energy through the constant movement of line.


Queen Anne's Lace

“Queen Anne’s Lace” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


Raising the lowly Queen Anne’s Lace or revering the sophisticated Full Orchid accomplishes the same goal, creating dimension through line.


Full Orchid

“Full Orchid” scratchboard with colored inks, 8″ x 10″


The images are lifted right off of the page by layering one shape over another.


Close to the Sun

“Close to the Sun” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


In my estimation, composition is the most important element in art. I personally do not create initial sketches but I do spend a lot of time studying my subject visualizing the finished piece.


Pussy Willows 2014

“Pussy Willows 2014″ scratchboard, 7″ x 5”. Awarded Best of Show at The Mitchell Gallery’s “Less is More” exhibition.


Because I like to use a magnifying glass to see what is truly going on, my art tends to be consumed with microscopic details. No matter how many times it’s viewed, people always discover something unexpected.


Work in Progress: Composition of a Coleus

Work in Progress: “Composition of a Coleus” scratchboard, 8″ x 8″


Adding color creates a whole new dimension. The multiple shapes ranging from large to small covered in a variety of yellows and oranges, gives Marigold a sense of power. And you cannot help but to come in for a closer look when viewing Composition of a Coleus. The rich tones of the coleus’ deep purples and greens create the feeling of being enveloped by nature.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful work. Love it!

  2. Just beautiful work Lisa…so nice to see scratchboard getting it’s day with so many artists lately…it’s such a rich and beautiful medium!! Your design and color (on some) is just fantastic!!

    • Your art is wonderful, Kathryn, thanks for your kind words. I think some of the popularity with Scratchboard is due to the quality of Ampersand’s boards.

  3. Congratulations Lisa for being selected by Carolyn Edlund to be featured on Artsy Shark! That’s quite an honor. You deserve it!

  4. Beautiful work Ms. Goesling.

  5. Lisa, it is a total treat to view your work- unique & wonderful, nature on view.
    Fay Thomson

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