Featured Artist Will Eskridge

Artist Will Eskridge creates delightful mixed media paintings that are quirky yet compelling. See more of his portfolio by visiting his website.


Fleece or Pasture

“Fleece or Pasture” Oil on wood panel, 48″ x 32″


My mom is an artist and my dad is a veterinarian, so I think it was apparent that I would grow up to make art involving animals. I have been making art all my life.


H is for Harry

“H is for Harry” Acrylic, spray paint, house paint on wood panel, 20.75″ x 24”


Although I work in a handful of mediums, I discovered oil painting early on and it has been my main forté ever since. I am a big fan of painting in layers and sometimes paint over years-old paintings – allowing their nuances to show through refreshed approaches.


M is for Marvin

“M is for Marvin” Acrylic, spray paint, house paint on wood panel, 20.75″ x 24″


I also love building up the paint very thickly in select areas to contrast with thinly washed areas of the painting. And finally, I love incorporating graphite into my oil paintings. Most of the time it’s very subtle, but I am slightly obsessed with the affect of a brush of oil over a mark of graphite.


C is for Carl

“C is for Carl” Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″


No matter how varied with technique or material, my work has always revolved around history and the ever-changing world. I am fascinated by nature (specifically the animal kingdom), the timeline of technology and the dichotomy between both.


The Prairie and the Population

“The Prairie and the Population” Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″


My work attempts to evoke some of the ideas and challenges generated by the push/pull between nature and industrialization. Whether it’s the simplicity of a technological advancement and the complexity of nature; or the complexity of technology and a simple evolutionary advancement of nature.


work in progress

Work in progress in Will Eskridge’s studio


I like to ask myself these questions: How do our modern conveniences arrive at our doorstep? What technological steps and advances help and/or hinder the world around us? Technology meant to simplify life has, in itself, made life much more complex. But, where do we draw the line between convenience and destruction of our natural surroundings?


E is for Eve

“E is for Eve” Acrylic, spray paint, house paint on wood panel, 20.75″ x 24″


Most of modern society is removed from the experience, hard work and emotional capacity it takes to bring us our modern conveniences, for better or worse. I am also intrigued by the ephemerality of both technology and nature.


Cervidae I

“Cervidae I” Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″


I am currently working on being more prolific with my painting and my main goal is to get gallery representation. Over the years I have been in a myriad of group shows and juried exhibitions and I’d like to expand into gallery representation.


Cervidae II

“Cervidae II” Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″


Right now I am working on honing my technique and improving my anatomy skills for new animals that I’ve never painted before. I’m also pulling out more geometric shapes and patterns to further evoke an industrialized culture.


E is for Elsa

“E is for Elsa” Oil on wood panel, 32″ x 48″


I am inspired by my 1953 Buick and the engineering that went into it. I am inspired by mid-century design and technology. I am inspired by long, back-road drives to the beach. I love seeing horses, cows and other animals in pastures from the road. I’m fascinated by old motels off the beaten path. Obsolete technology is also a big inspiration for me.


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