Featured Artist Jeanie Campbell

Artist Jeanie Campbell creates flowing ethereal images filled with movement and color. See more of her work by visiting her website.



“Euphorbia 4978 abstract” digital painting, 4000 x 3000 px


I studied pottery and painting and earned a BFA in Studio Art from University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. I was in “honors” painting classes.


Lily Bouquet

“Lily Bouquet abstract-1” digital painting, 6000 x 4800 px


I spent about 10 years in Forida displaying art in art festivals and selling in galleries, primarily working in pottery. I became more excited by color and glaze than in the making of pottery or sculptures, and gradually moved out of pottery and into painting.



“Fuchsia 6099-2” digital painting, 3201 x 4523 px


I paint with digital pigment using photographs, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Corel Painter. I feel honored when someone enjoys my paintings.


Hawaiian Orchid

“Hawaiian Orchid 1741-1” digital painting, 6639 x 4800 px


I imagine flowers emerging from the cosmos of creation. Color! Energy! Whirlwinds! Spirals! Stars! Nebula! Gasses! Power! Black holes! Unseen other dimensions! Excitement! God! I try to tame the wild and free elements. I want to move the universe into one flower. I want to expand one flower to fill the heavens.


Lily Cluster

“Lily Cluster 4024” digital painting, 4000 x 3000 px


Painting is an adventure of discovery of hues, saturation, illumination, light, life. I visualize the creation of a flower. I see the illumination of sky and the beautiful gasses in the Hubble photographs of the heavens. Surely the sky is akin to the light and hues of flowers. Fields of flowers are grown around here. Color, color, rainbows of color, light and glory.


Hawaii Heliconia

“Hawaii Heliconia 1719-1and Bubble Nebula” digital painting, 3000 x 4000 px



How can I begin with a flower and end with the cosmos? I want to give glory to God for the gifts He has given us! I want dazzle and dancing in color and light. I want bubbles of overflowing joy  in paint and gratitude. I am on a path dancing with adventure. Can I fly through the stars and land on a flower?



“Iris 0559 abstract-1” digital painting, 4800 x 5987 px


My lover gave me a flower. I left a flower on my mother’s grave. I visited a sick friend who had a dozen roses wishing her to get well. I look to heaven and we pray. With joy. We pray for  sorrow, for forgiveness, for healing, for wings to fly home. Heaven is home. We are grateful for flowers, for heaven and for home. Oh, and for dancing through this adventure of life. And singing… with or without a beautiful voice.


Iris 2

“Iris 0549 abstract-2” digital painting, 4800 x 5987 px


My grandchildren give me a flower with no stem, a gift of the heart. It floats on a bowl of water. No stem required. Flowers float, fly, fancy and free. Catch it! Paint it! But keep it flying and floating.



“Lily 7678 Astronomy 8304” digital painting, 3750 x 3000 px


God has created color, rainbow, light, nebulae, galaxy, stars, horizons, life, song and the ability to create. I am grateful to God.

My life is full of color, and I hope yours is too.


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  1. Unique and exciting work! Beautiful Jeanie.

  2. I own three of her paintings and just love them! Tiger Lilies, Daisies and Sunflower. I’d love to own a fourth.

  3. Melissa Boone says

    Jeanie, I hope you’re still painting and creating! I bought three canvasses from you several years ago and they are the set my daughters both want! I let them hang the canvasses and then swap for other pieces. Is there another site with more of your work?

  4. I have a painting of sunflowers and a rainbow that I was wandering if you painted. It’s just signed Jeanie.

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