Featured Artist Carla Raadsveld

Enjoy the delightfully humorous portfolio of artist Carla Raadsveld. Visit her website to see more of her work.


The artist Carla Raadsveld

The artist Carla Raadsveld


My name is Carla Raadsveld, and I was born in Rotterdam, although I am currently living in Ireland. I was educated at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Art, and received scholarships in both Italy and South Africa.


Big Hair Day

“Big Hair Day” mixed media, 40″ x 51″


A gallery described my recent  work as ” contentment with a smile.” I like that, it sounds a lot better than “big women with crazy cats.”


The Park 2

“The Park 2″ mixed media, 39″ x 32”


My work has changed over the years, but long-time clients tell me that they always recognise my hand.


The Beach

“The Beach” mixed media, 24″ x 47″


I prep my (usually large) canvas with a skin and paint it black. The contour lines are not drawn or painted, they are the unpainted black background. I paint whites over black, a time-consuming technique.


Any Afternoon

“Any Afternoon” mixed media, 32″ x 64″


The act of painting is very important to me, as is the composition. The painting has a life of its own. I don’t use sketches, just a vague idea of what the result might look like. That idea can change totally during the painting. It’s never a dull moment.


A box is a box


Cats are very present in my work, birds as well. My companion cats think that my every painting is great, that helps a lot of course.



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  1. Stunning, beautiful, inspiring, creative, evocative, charming and memorable work. I want to see more and more and more. The style totally rocks. I love it.

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