Featured Artist Colleen Gyori

Colleen Gyori creates glass sculptures by using extensive visualization and planning, including experimenting with colors, materials and shapes, before beginning to piece together her work. To see more of her stunning art, please visit her website.



“Passion” Streams of undulating shades of purple, with tinges of turquoise, flow downward to pool below in the mirrored reflection. Glass, Height 12.5”


“These hands were made for making.” From early life to late in life, my need to create endures. From fabrics and fibers to sketch books and sketches, my way was paved toward the excitement of manipulating glass.



“Ablaze” Vibrant stripes of color extend upward. The curve of the wall contains the grace of the shallow bowl of embers. Glass.


My work is varied in technique, but primarily begins with thought regarding the human spirit, emotions felt, and how these emotions relate to nature. The journey of creating each piece begins with extensive “imagining” until I begin experimenting – first with colors, then with pliable materials to form models. Throughout the planning stage I indulge in much visualization.


Arizona River

“Arizona River” Inspired by the usual dry washes that run through the vast Arizona deserts, this piece depicts not only the dryness, but also the swirling water deep beneath and the colors of the abundant life that surround these parched, gravely surfaces. Glass, Height 18.25”


Finally, the glass fun begins. Most of my pieces include various elements that are created, fused, and cut prior to assembling the full piece, or pieces, that are to make up the sculpture. Once a piece is assembled, the elements are placed face down into the kiln and dammed to contain the shape and size desired. This firing is a gradual schedule up to 1485 degrees before a slow and measured cooling schedule to assure proper annealing of the glass.


Evening Quiet

“Evening Quiet” Transparent, layered tiles, inspired by the beauty of a quiet evening on the water. Glass. Height including iron stand, 10”


Next, sandblasting to remove any residue is an important step before beginning extensive polishing with diamond disks. The piece or pieces are finally ready for a final trip to the kiln for shaping/bending into the shape desired. This step is also designed to assure a soft, matte polish.



“Sedona” Ribbons of color evoke streaks of clay. Tinges of green, as in the glimpses of life surviving in the crevasses of a dry, clay cliff all reflect in the mirrored base. Glass, Height 16”


Texture, polish and layering through a variety of kiln-forming techniques contribute to the final results that I enjoy creating. In many of my pieces, I also incorporate engraving/sketching with diamond wheels and burrs to reveal colors beneath the surfaces.


Evening Embers

“Evening Embers” A curved wall of glass with swirls of colors reminiscent of a smoldering fire calmed by the shallow vessel. Glass.


Much of my current work involves glass “walls,” “towers,” or “sketches” which are intended to evoke emotion or remembrance of places of natural beauty. The pieces have weight and solidity, but retain the fragility and reflective qualities of the glass.


Glass Artist Colleen Gyori

Glass Artist Colleen Gyori


Although my descriptions provide my intent, I am hopeful that each will inspire interpretation or questions for the individual viewer.


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  1. Alfred Winchester says

    Each of these pieces creates a distinct mood. They are all so unique, but there is a common theme of reflection that goes much deeper than their shimmering surfaces.

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