Featured Artist Caryl Pomales

Artist Caryl Pomales’ colorful paintings are filled with sweeping brushstrokes, and convey a sense of joy. Visit her website to find more of her uplifting art.


Impressionistic portrait of a white sheep, oil painting by Caryl Pomales

“Bo Peep Sheep” Oil on Gessobord, 8” x 8”


I paint in vibrant harmonious colors, with playful brushstrokes and texture. My daily paintings are attained with a smile on my face, and a revolution in my heart, hoping to inspire and bring joy to others!


“Puppy Love” Impressionistic portait of a brown and white dog, oil painting by Caryl Pomales

“Puppy Love” Oil on Gessobord, 8” x 8”


The introduction to painting started many years ago for me as a child, with oil painting lessons. I continued art and painting courses throughout college, and as an adult.


“Tui Messenger” Image of a tropical blue bird on a branch, oil painting by Caryl Pomales

“Tui Messenger” Oil on Gessobord, 9” x 12”


My painting practice and ambition did not follow a straight line along my journey through life. I pursued a sales career in the corporate world, and later on in real estate. Recently, I took the leap to retirement—or so I thought! Since my “retirement” four years ago, I am busier than ever reinventing myself as a professional artist and as a painting instructor through my online and live workshops.


“Picasso’s Virtue of Curiosity” Oil painting of a black and white cat near a vase of flowers by Caryl Pomales

“Picasso’s Virtue of Curiosity” Oil on Gessobord, 8” x 10”


I’ll be the first to admit how grateful I am for having a successful sales career behind me. It provided me many opportunities to see the world and pursue my painting passion. Traveling remains a significant part of my life, and is a source of inspiration for many of my paintings.


“Grazing the Shores, Lake Wakatipu” Impressionistic oil portrait of a brown and white cow staring out at the viewer by Caryl Pomales

“Grazing the Shores, Lake Wakatipu” Oil on Gessobord, 8” x 10”


Through my travels I’ve experienced being up close and personal with nature. I’ve seen many animals, from blue-footed booby birds in the Galapagos Islands, to the “Big Five” safari sightings in southern Africa, to colorful bird watching in Botswana and Costa Rica, to hiking hilltops with sheepdogs in Umbria, Italy, and Christchurch, New Zealand.


“Collie Girl, Siena” Oil portrait of a tri-color collie by Caryl Pomales

“Collie Girl, Siena” Oil on Canvas, 8” x 10”


I have shared moments with adorable koala bears and kangaroos in Australia. I’ve enjoyed the picturesque naturescapes and rolling hills of flowers and vineyards throughout France and Italy.


“A Generous Glow” Impressionism oil painting of a branch with red flowers by Caryl Pomales

“A Generous Glow” Oil on Canvas, 6” x 8”


Traversing so many wonderful parts of the globe has not only broadened my horizons. It feeds my inspiration and exercises my understanding and empathy towards other cultures. It also affords me the opportunity to create photographic diaries and journals, which serve as the inspiration for many of my nature paintings.


“Bouquet de Printemps” Impressionistic painting flowers in a vase by Caryl Pomales

“Bouquet de Printemps” Acrylics on Gessobord, 16” x 16”


Animals and flowers are beloved painting subjects. They are featured in many of my current oil and acrylic paintings. Bold brushwork, bright colors and a lighthearted style bring these animals and nature to life on canvas.


“Singing the ‘Bleus’”Impressionistic painting of blue hydrangea blossoms by Caryl Pomales

“Singing the ‘Bleus’” Acrylics on Oil Paper, 10” x 10”


A portion of the proceeds from my original paintings and workshop sales are donated. I give to organizations that support animals in need and towards protecting our environment. These range from California wildfire relief, to finding homes for senior pets, to protecting our waterways. I am proud to say that I use my art for good, and contribute towards causes I’m especially passionate about.


“Picasso’s HOPE” Impressionistic oil portrait of a black and white cat by Caryl Pomales

“Picasso’s HOPE” Oil on Gessobord, 6” x 8”


True wealth is about finding the value within yourself and other people. I find joy every day in my daily painting practice, teaching others and being charitable to the causes that are so important to me. I paint fearlessly with a revolution in my heart!


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  1. Marion Mercer says

    Marvelous article, Caryl. Happy to say I’ve been a proud participant in one of your great workshops. Your vast travels would certainly add to your ability to observe the beauty surrounding us. Well done.

  2. Janet Zinner says

    LOVE my bird; LOVE the sheep!!!

    Your animal portraits are so beauteous!!!!

    Much future success!!!!!

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