Featured Artist Valerie Patterson

Compelling and provocative, artist Valerie Patterson’s watercolors explore the human condition. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Watercolor painting of a naked elderly woman on a busy city sidewalk by Valerie Patterson

“Ghost In The Machine” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


Images have power.


Watercolor painting of two children in a wooded tunnel by Valerie Patterson

“Entering the Fairytale” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


As an artist, I am always mindful of this and believe it important to create images which transcend the merely decorative to illustrate thoughts and ideas.


Watercolor painting showing a zoo visitor observing an oversized elderly person in a cage by Valerie Patterson

“Emotional Display” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


My work represents an extensive exploration of facets of the human condition and experience. I am fascinated by the psychology in every gesture and the universal within the personal.


Watercolor painting of a small child in a dark room with two doors by Valerie Patterson

“Choices” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


Being a spiritual humanitarian, my work often gives voice to social and political subjects urging viewers to think and feel. I hope my paintings will provoke conversation. Only when we recognize and face difficult issues will we consider the possibility of creating change.


Watercolor painting of a dilapidated bedroom with ghosts by Valerie Patterson

“In The Bedroom” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


Throughout my paintings, children and the elderly represent innocence and vulnerability, black and white backgrounds are highlighted with figures in color symbolizing past and present as well as life and death.


Watercolor painting in black and white with an elderly modern day man standing in front of a forties movie marquee by Valerie Patterson

“Reminiscent” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


Ghosts appear between layers of reality and realistic and fantastic images are unexpectedly placed together to create surreal storyscapes.


Watercolor painting of a small girl who appears to be lost in the city by Valerie Patterson

“Lost” Watercolor, 37” x 31”


I work in a hyperrealistic style so as to present flawless illusions. When I began painting in college, I painted realistic miniatures in oil. As my life circumstances changed, I decided to try watercolor due to its almost immediate drying time which allowed me to carry my work with me wherever I went. I transferred my oil painting techniques into watercolor—glazing and layering color.


Watercolor painting of a winter scene with a child on a tricycle riding towards a stream by Valerie Patterson

“Twilight” Watercolor, 35” x 31”


The rebel in me appreciates, while vehemently disagreeing with, the fact that watercolor has often been considered a “lesser” medium.


Watercolor painting of young twin girls at a zoo looking over the railing at an oversized elderly person's face by Valerie Patterson

“The Curmudgeon” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


My award-winning work has been exhibited extensively online and across the United States including the 2018 Manhattan Arts International: New Beginnings, Online International Juried Exhibition (Featured Artist Award Winner); 2018 Santa Cruz Art League: Spoken & Unspoken, National Juried Exhibition, 2016 Frederic Remington Art Museum International Juried Exhibition, 2016 The Spring Street Gallery (Saratoga Springs, NY): The Gun Show: Invitational Exhibition, and the 2014 Visual Arts Center At Clarington, Ontario, Canada : Crossing Borders I curated small group show.


Watercolor painting of two young children standing in front of a wall with a blown up image of an elderly couple swimming by Valerie Patterson

“In The Swim” Watercolor, 35” x 27”


I’ve also exhibited at the 2013 Lower Adirondack Region Arts Council (Glens Falls, NY): Stories Untold—3 Artists, 2011 XL Gallery (Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY): Stone Canoe Publication Exhibition, 2010 Bond Street Gallery (Brooklyn, NY): The New Americana Invitational Exhibition and the 2010 Fredericksburg Center For Creative Arts (Fredericksburg, VA): For & About Women International Juried Exhibition.


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