Featured Artist Barbara Hangan

Romanian artist Barbara Hangan paints portraits that echo the old masters with layers of paint and varnishes, velvety rich colors and texture. Visit her website to see more of her work.


Framed oil painting of a naked person bent over in despair by Barbara Hangan

“Human” Oil on Panel, Restored Art Deco Frame, 78cm x 92cm


I was born and educated in Cluj, Romania, during a difficult time, when art and culture were among a couple of limited ways that people would choose to escape the grim communist reality.


Framed oil painting of a bouquet of blue flowers by Barbara Hangan

“If I were a Painter” Oil on Panel, Restored Baroque Frame, 51cm x 60cm


I grew up in a family of artists who understood and nurtured talent, so I can say I was very fortunate in a way.


Framed oil painting of a hand by Barbara Hangan

“Elisabeth” Oil on Panel, Restored Vintage Frame, 54cm x 60cm


Painting has been my calling from as early as I can remember. It was the form of art I knew I could confidently use to express my feelings and emotions the way I wanted to.


Framed oil painting of two flamingos by Barbara Hangan

“Black Waters” Oil on Panel, Restored 1920 Vintage Frame, 97cm x 122cm


My parents helped me follow my artistic path. I went to the local Art School Romul Ladea in Cluj as a high school student, and later on graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. I painted at school and outside of classes.


Framed oil painting of a pair of army boots in the clouds by Barbara Hangan

“St. Peter” Oil on Panel, Leather Frame, 108cm x 89cm


As children and teenagers, the educational system back then allowed us to attend art clubs and workshops and that is what I did—with a passion.


Framed oil painting portrait of a woman by Barbara Hangan

“The Shadow of the Wind” Oil on Panel, Restored Vintage British Frame, 56cm x 58cm


Later, my most important goal was to find and follow my artistic path. As it turned out, it was not so difficult. I find inspiration in all things of beauty around me, from music and perfume to sights and delicate objects.


Framed oil painting portrait of a woman by Barbara Hangan

“Qualia” Oil on Panel, Restored Vintage Frame, 65cm x 80cm


I tend to look back at the old masters as well, and have learned a lot from the Flemish painters—from the Austrian Secession to Michelangelo Caravaggio. I always try to distill whatever I see and incorporate it into my paintings, from the shades I use to the textures and the attitude of my portrait subjects.


Oil painting of three silver spoons by Barbara Hangan

“The Poetry of Material Things” Oil on Panel, 72cm x 78cm


I tried a variety of techniques as I am constantly experimenting. Currently I use oil paints and an old Flemish painting technique. I prefer oils for their richness and texture.


Framed oil painting of a Nautilus shell by Barbara Hangan

“Nautilus” Oil on Panel, Restored Vintage Frame, 57cm x 67cm


In a work of art, I sometimes take ownership not only of the canvas, wood or board, but also of the frames. I like bringing old frames back to life, and I like matching them with my paintings. Beauty matters to me. I just love to bring classical beauty into contemporary art.


Framed oil painting of figs by Barbara Hangan

“Still Figs” Oil on Panel, Restored Vintage Frame, 52cm x 60cm


Whether I look at a woman, a man, a swan or a delicate fruit, I am painting a portrait. I am trying to capture the spirit and the expression of my subjects. I hope it will stir the imagination of the viewer, getting him or her to converse, to interact, to feel.


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