Featured Artist Dan Knepper

Oil painter Dan Knepper presents a collection of landscapes expressed as moments in time, filled with light and atmosphere. Visit his website to view his portfolio.


oil autumn landscape by Dan Knepper

“Autumn Adventure” oil, 40” x 30”


My mom would paint murals on my bedroom walls of horses in a pasture, and on window shades of Disney’s Merlin and other characters. It motivated me to become an art teacher for grades 1-12 for twenty-six years.


oil river landscape by Dan Knepper

“Morning Kiss” oil, 14” x 11”


The time spent teaching however, didn’t allow for time to develop my artwork. I wanted to be a full-time artist. I started hosting week long workshops for area artists led by nationally-known artists. In addition, I traveled to workshops with artists like Peter Fiore and Mary Whyte. I’ve also had the good fortune to have artist friend Steven Walker as a mentor.


oil landscape with a black horse by Dan Knepper

“Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” oil, 16” x 12”


As I became friends with these artists, it seemed their success came from effort, planning and a bit of luck. It was then that I decided to make the leap to becoming an artist full-time and quit teaching.


Sunset oil painting by Dan Knepper

“Laurie’s World” oil, 36” x 36”


I began as a watercolor artist, but am now primarily an oil painter. I’ve tried to carry the jewel-like clarity of watercolor into my oils.


oil landscape of a desert canyon by Dan Knepper

“Where Did I Park?” oil, 48” x 24”


This is the beginning of my seventh year as a full-time artist. I have been very lucky to have been in all the major art magazines, and to have at least been a runner-up in national competitions. I’ve garnered representation from top galleries across the country—literally coast to coast.


oil landscape of a pond at morning by Dan Knepper

“Listening to the Morning” oil, 30” x 40”


Coming from an early love of nature, I communicate through my skyscapes and landscapes. I work in a realistic style that crosses between classical and plein air, traditional and impressionistic.


oil painting of a sunrise by Dan Knepper

“Second Chance” oil, 24” x 18”


I try to share my awe at those transcendent moments of beauty when we want time to slow and stretch. My landscapes are often quiet moments and vast spaces. They are filled with dramatic light, and usually void of other people.


oil painting of a serene wooded stream by Dan Knepper

“Serenity” oil, 24” x 18”


They resonate emotionally, offering calm moments of captured light. I love the magic hours when the slanting light has its own color.


oil painting of a beaver dam in a river by Dan Knepper

“The Beaver’s Tale” oil, 24” x 18”


The timeless nature of my work appeals to a large audience, including other artists, critics and the general public.


oil landscape with fire by Dan Knepper

“Firefall” oil, 16” x 12”


I want you, the viewer, to step into my paintings transfixed, and not want to leave. My paintings should act as a destination you want to return to time and again. I think they could have been relevant a hundred years ago, and hope they will still be a hundred years from now.


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