Featured Artist Maria Poroy

Painter Maria Poroy shares a portfolio of works ablaze with color and emotional impact. Enjoy her portfolio.

Featured Artist Francis Demaske

Artist Francis Demaske shares an exquisite portfolio of architecturally inspired paintings and landscapes in his distinctive colorful style.

Featured Artist Christopher Harvey

Artist Christopher Harvey shares a dynamic portfolio of acrylic paintings created in a bold, painterly style.

Featured Artist Wendy Marquis

Enjoy the portfolio of painter Wendy Marquis, whose rural scenes capture the open land, fresh air and vintage vehicles.

Artist Showcase, Early Winter 2023

Enjoy these favorite artworks from nineteen different artists in a variety of mediums and style.

Featured Artist Todd Swart

California painter Todd Swart presents a compelling selection of landscapes that capture urban and natural vistas.

Featured Artist Debbie Scott-Queenin

Photographer Debbie Scott-Queenin captures everyday life and unplanned moments in her fascinating portfolio.

Featured Artist Susan Brown

California painter Susan Brown presents a collection of colorful landscapes that share a unique sense of place.

Featured Artist John Ketley

Florida artist John Ketley captures the beauty of Florida and its habitat in his bright, sunlit paintings.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Evans

Canadian painter Elizabeth Evans captures the landscape using a distinctive and unusual technique.

Featured Artist Ann Schwartz

Artist Ann Schwartz creates delightful mixed media collages, each a tiny complex world of its own.

Featured Artist Colleen Rieu

Artist Colleen Rieu shares a collection of abstract paintings that vibrate with energy and color.

Featured Artist Michael Hartstein

Artist Michael Hartstein shares a selection of vibrantly colorful paintings that display nature’s boundless beauty.

Featured Artist Christi Kraft

Artist Christi Kraft shares a fascinating collection of photographs and the heartfelt concept behind her work.