Artist Showcase, Fall 2023

Our latest showcase features talented artists in different mediums who share some of their favorite works.

Featured Artist Heidi Hybl

California painter Heidi Hybl shares an ethereal collection of abstract landscapes inspired by the coastal atmosphere

Featured Artist Chris Palm

Photographer Chris Palm draws awareness to the world’s vanishing tropical forests through his TreeTalk series.

Featured Artist Boyd Miles

Experience the creative world of artist Boyd Miles, who presents a vibrant collection of watercolor paintings.

Featured Artist Bradley Pattison

Artist Bradley Pattison shares a fascinating life story and a portfolio of narrative paintings of familiar yet mysterious scenes.

Featured Artist David Poyant

Enjoy the portfolio of self-taught fiber artist David Poyant, who creates exquisitely detailed embroideries inspired by nature.

Featured Artist Tim Gault

Experience captivating Pacific Northwest landscapes through the mesmerizing watercolor portfolio of artist Tim Gault.

Featured Artist Kristin Harvey

Painter Kristin Harvey brings the desert landscape to life with bold colors and abstract elements. See more from this artist by visiting her website.     My artistic journey started when I was five. My father built my sister and I each a wall-sized chalkboard and gave us every color of chalk under the sun. […]

Featured Artist Dimitrina Kutriansky

Realist oil painter Dimitrina Kutriansky presents a breathtaking collection of landscapes from her portfolio.

Featured Artist Ricardo Robles

Enjoy the incredible portfolio of painter Ricardo Robles, who captures sweeping vistas and small detail with equal skill

Featured Artist Leah Kohlenberg

Featured artist Leah Kohlenberg offers a bold collection of paintings created in her distinctive, appealing style.

Featured Artist Merinda Crowder

Artist Merinda Crowder presents a collection of botanical and landscapes created through a spontaneous fluid painting process.

Featured Artist Kelly Money

Oil painter Kelly Money is known for captivating depictions of skies and clouds that evoke a sense of wonder.

Featured Artist Robert Benson

Artist Robert Benson presents an inviting collection of watercolors that depict the flow of everyday life.