Featured Artist Samantha Kaplan

I hope that my work shows that we live in such a magnificent, fragile world that is worth treasuring and protecting.

Featured Artist Lynn Goldstein

I am never interested in replicating exactly what I see in front of me. Rather, I want to express the way that being in nature makes me feel.

Featured Artist Jayne Rolinson

I love to layer my paintings, activating the canvas with bold and intricate brush strokes and weaving poetic words, hopes and dreams into the painting. It’s like a rhythmic dance of the creative mind at play.

Featured Artist Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone

The play of light on water or the sweep of the sun across a meadow stirs me to depths that I find difficult to express in words. I strive to put these feelings onto canvas.

Featured Artist Carl Gethmann

My main objective as a painter is to create a beautiful piece of art and invoke a mood or sense of place.
I am most happy when I hear a person say, upon first seeing one of my pieces, “That’s beautiful!”

Celebration of the Landscape

Artsy Shark invited some artist friends to share landscapes in their own signature styles.