Featured Artist Nash Cox

Artist Nash Cox captures the timeless beauty of classic automobiles in his detailed watercolor paintings. More of his portfolio can be found on his website.


watercolor detail of a Ford Camaro by Nash Cox

“Wet Paint” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


I understood at a very early age that I was an artist. I was fascinated by the works of the old masters and dreamt of one day being as great as DaVinci. Although I developed my skills by often drawing for hours on end, I didn’t pick up painting until much later in life.


watercolor of a classic car on Chariton St by Nash Cox

“Chariton Street Scene” watercolor, 16″ x 20″


In fact, I never had much use for color. I even preferred black-and-white when I got into photography in my late twenties.


watercolor of a red Buick by Nash Cox

“Bold Buick” watercolor, 23″ x 17″


After a truly exhausting attempt at living a normal non-creative life, I plunged back into the art world. The moment I tried watercolor I fell in love with it. Because water is a natural element, I don’t believe a person can ever truly master watercolor.


watercolor of a Model A Ford by Nash Cox

“Model A Ford” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


Instead, I see it as a constantly evolving partnership. I like to say I’m a self-taught artist but the truth is each painting I do teaches me more than I could learn from a class or a book.


watercolor detail of a blue classic car by Nash Cox

“Reflections” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


Automotive art is my vehicle for self-expression. My fondest childhood memories almost always involve an old car or truck. I still remember the feel of the sun-warmed fenders on my dad’s 1947 Ford pickup as he worked on it in the back yard, and the smell of the upholstery in my mom’s 1949 Plymouth.


watercolor of an old Mobil pick up truck by Nash Cox

“Still Mobil” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


I truly believe old cars are beautiful, especially cars from the thirties, but classic automobiles also remind me of a time when things were simpler. Today, my daily driver is a rusty, but beautiful, 1953 GMC pickup. It has become my signature.


watercolor of an old car behind a barn by Nash Cox

“Behind the Barn” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


When I find an old vehicle sitting neglected, rusting back into the Earth from which it was formed, I get a strong impression of its past. It’s as if the car has one last chance to tell its story.


watercolor of a classic car by Nash Cox

“Stepping Out” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


One of the reasons I use my own reference photos is to have complete creative control over my paintings. It allows me to familiarize myself with the subject and paint according to my impressions.


watercolor of classic car collection by Nash Cox

“Kept” watercolor, 20″ x 16″


Although I could see myself dabbling with other subjects, automotive fine art will remain central to my art career.


watercolor of a Des Moines street by Nash Cox

“Des Moines Street Scene” watercolor, 18″ x 13″


I count myself lucky as I am able to take two of my greatest passions—art and vintage automobiles—and turn them into a way of life. Yep, going to car shows is part of my job. I am also lucky that my wife, the real love of my life, supports me on my journey.


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  1. These are really good. My favorite is Stepping Out.

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