Featured Artist Lynn Garwood

Artist Lynn Garwood shares her artist journey, inspiration and love of painting realism. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


painting of vintage gasoline pumps by Lynn Garwood

“Dino Pumps” acrylic, 30″ x 40″


My name is Lynn Garwood, and I live in the Midwest. In the 1980’s after high school I pursued art by attending Chicago’s Ray Vogue College of Design. From there I went on to create a sign business that I have been working at for thirty-five plus years. I letter trucks and signage, but my passion niche is boat lettering. I’ve evolved with the industry, going from hand lettering, to cut vinyl, to printing. I do all my signage and art reproductions with a Roland 54” wide format printer, named Thor.


painting in progress by Lynn Garwood

“Leaving” (art in progress) acrylic, 72” x 54”


I took time off from commercial work to raise my four children, but found that I really missed the daily creativity. So I began to paint at night when the kids were sleeping. I wasn’t quite sure what to paint, so I started with the subjects I loved most—nature, old gas pumps, vintage cars and rusty bikes. During this time, I learned much about color and technique while working in one of my favorite styles—realism.


painting of an old car rusting by Lynn Garwood

“Betsey in the Mist” acrylic, 24” x 18”


I was also inspired by the female spirit and would sketch, draw and paint my ladies. These ladies consisted of fairies, angels, mermaids and other soulful beings, human or otherwise. I feel as though the vintage paintings trained my technique and eye, and the female inspirations trained my drawing skills, while helping me tap into my heart’s perspective.


painting of a woman in the fall by Lynn Garwood

“Letting Go” acrylic, 30” x 40”


I’m creating more of my soulful feminine creations these days, along with writings from an inspirational viewpoint. My sleep habits can often be affected, as I will frequently wake up between two and four in the morning. I try to talk down the sketching fairies that are making me hot, restless, thirsty, hungry—you name it. They use every ploy to get me up so I can write and sketch. I have really been enjoying the content they offer me, although I do question the early hours. Apparently creativity has no timetable!


painting of fall leaves by Lynn Garwood

“Fallen” acrylic, 40” x 30”


I’m extremely sensitive, which at times has been emotionally hard to live with. However, this is how I am able to receive my creativity, and I view it as a gift! I began elevating my own feelings by putting positive words in and under my art. Choosing words that hold meaning for me, something I want to bring into my life—love, peace, light, etc.— lifts me up. People express that they feel a shift in mood when viewing my art, so I believe the piece is channeling good vibrations.


painting of shells on the shore by Lynn Garwood

“Happy Collaboration” acrylic, 24” x 18”


I have shown my art throughout the United States in books, magazines, newspaper, art events, galleries and museums. I create and sell reproductions and originals, mostly from my own website. Currently, I have revisited a lifelong dream to illustrate children’s books and am working toward publishing my own written, illustrated version about a sun.


Artist Lynn Garwood

Artist Lynn Garwood. Photo by Janet Kay


Family life is quieter these days with the kids grown; yet with art, I am more inspired and it is louder and busier than ever before. Plus, I think I’m turning into a mermaid!


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  1. Excellent realism. My favorite is Fallen.

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