Featured Artist Chuck Middlekauff

Enjoy the paintings of artist Chuck Middlekauff, who expresses the heart and culture of the West with a contemporary twist.

Featured Artist Amalya Tumanian

Painter Amalya Tumanian shares a collection of boldly colorful abstract work and a story of evolution and change. Enjoy and find more on her website.     I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 1991, I was already a well-established artist with many local and international shows and sales, paintings in museums, and public and […]

Featured Artist James “Kingneon” Guçwa

Painter James “Kingneon” Guçwa captures a timeless aspect of American culture in his dynamic portfolio focused on neon signs.

Featured Artist Heather MacNeil

Heather MacNeil presents a vibrant abstract portfolio of paintings created spontaneously and intended to spread joy.

Featured Artist Maria Morales

Artist Maria Morales shares a dynamic abstract portfolio and a story of overcoming conventions to find her true inspiration.

Featured Artist Laura Hunt

Artist Laura Hunt shares a fascinating collection of landscapes and narrative figurative paintings with a personal and emotional edge.

Artist Showcase, Early Spring 2024

Artsy Shark celebrates the work of dozens of talented artists in various mediums in our newest showcase of art.

Featured Artist Roopa Dudley

Enjoy the charming and whimsical portfolio of artist Roopa Dudley, whose love of chess defines her distinctive style.

Featured Artist Jocelyn Friis

Artist Jocelyn Friis shares a dreamlike portfolio of abstract landscapes, drawn from memories and inspired by nature.

Featured Artist Neecy Twinem

Enjoy this collection from the colorful nature-inspired portfolio of artist Neecy Twinem, who tells stories through painting.

Featured Artist John Chehak

John Chehak presents a delightfully colorful collection of contemporary paintings created in his distinctive signature style.

Featured Artist Bettina Madini

Featured artist and painter Bettina Madini shares her artist story and a stunning collection of ethereal landscapes.

Featured Artist Janet Massimino

Janet Massimino shares an ethereal collection of abstract paintings created with acrylic, oil and cold wax.

Featured Artist Grace Marquez

Featured artist Grace Marquez explores the fascinating underwater realm in paintings based on scuba diving experiences.