Featured Artist Joan Burger Siem

Featured artist Joan Burger Siem presents a thought-provoking and magical collection of paintings to enjoy.

Featured Artist Mary Luttrell

Painter Mary Luttrell presents a collection of works that expertly capture the action and personality of her subjects.

Featured Artist Pauline Gough

Featured artist Pauline Gough presents a collection of whimsical paintings that is certain to bring a smile.

Featured Artist Daniel Nelson

Enjoy this collection of work by artist Daniel Nelson, who transforms joy into visual form with his delightful portfolio.

Featured Artist Gregory Peters

Featured artist and painter Gregory Peters captures the American West in traditional and contemporary styles.

Featured Artist Anna Kaszupski

Featured artist Anna Kaszupski shares a charming collection of whimsical paintings that celebrate women.

Featured Artist Michelle Baharier

British painter Michelle Baharier presents a group of vibrant narrative paintings created to bring awareness to living with disabilities.

Featured Artist Yasmeen Beyhum

Featured artist and painter Yasmeen Beyhum creates ethereal artwork that celebrates transformation and healing.

Artist Showcase, Fall 2023

Our latest showcase features talented artists in different mediums who share some of their favorite works.

Featured Artist Kimberly McBride

Enjoy the portfolio of painter Kimberly McBride who uses a finger painting technique to create portraits of well-known figures in the arts.

Featured Artist Deb Hall

Artist Deb Hall presents a remarkable group of complex layered abstract paintings filled with color and texture.

Featured Artist Margaret Dobbins

Artist Margaret Dobbins presents a collection of diaphanous abstract paintings filled with light and movement.

Featured Artist Bradley Pattison

Artist Bradley Pattison shares a fascinating life story and a portfolio of narrative paintings of familiar yet mysterious scenes.

Featured Artist Anže Ivanuš

Artist Anzi Ivanus shares a collection of  dreamlike paintings inspired by life experience, with hidden meanings and symbols.