Artist Showcase, Spring 2022

Twenty-nine inspired artists all contributed one of their favorite artworks to our Spring, 2022 Artist Showcase.

Featured Artist Matthew Paden

Artist Matthew Paden’s abstract expressionist portraits of iconic celebrities vibrate with color and energy.

Featured Artist Ian Carter

Artist Ian Carter shares a colorful and uplifting portfolio of landscape and abstract paintings in his distinctive signature style.

Featured Artist Dina D’Argo

Artist Dina D’Argo presents a collection of ethereal abstract paintings inspired by nature.

Featured Artist Denise T. Armstrong

Artist Denise T. Armstrong presents a collection of light-filled paintings that celebrate the beauty of nature. View more of her art on her website.     At the age of seven I discovered drawing. Finding it very enjoyable, I leaned into painting soon after, followed by sculpture and other forms of creative visual art. The […]

Featured Artist Rachel Tirosh

Abstract painter Rachel Tirosh shares a collection of work created with bold shapes and color in harmonious balance. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I started my adventure into the art world late in life. I had a career as an electrical engineer for 20 years. As an engineer, I […]

Featured Artist Carrie Clayden

Artist Carrie Clayden showcases a selection of ethereal floral paintings filled with color and light.

Featured Artist Carol Bednarski

Artist Carol Bednarski shares a group of landscape and still life paintings that reflect her personal journey of discovery.

Featured Artist Lori Meeboer

Using strong lines and vivid color, artist Lori Meeboer interprets the stunning Canadian landscape.

Featured Artist Kathy Dana

Artist Kathy Dana uses bold, energetic color and thoughtful composition in her contemporary landscape paintings.

Featured Artist Jane Baldridge

Artist Jane Baldridge draws awareness to rising sea levels with dramatic painted and papier-mâché repurposed mannequins.

Featured Artist Victoria Beths

Australian artist Victoria Beths makes a bold statement with her collection of delightful floral paintings.

Featured Artist Natalie George

Artist Natalie George’s colorful abstract paintings capture the delicate beauty of nature.

Featured Artist Marli Thibodeau

Abstract expressionist painter Marli Thibodeau finds inspiration in nature and the experience of presence.