Featured Artist Shauna Liora

Shauna Liora shares a vibrant portfolio of fire-made art that expresses her love of wilderness and adventure. To learn more about this artist, visit her website.


alcohol ink and fire painting of an ice climber by Shauna Liora

“Frozen in Time” fire and ink on tile, 8″ x 8″


It all began with fire. In 2015 on a trip north of the Arctic Circle, in Inuvik, I met a First Nations artist who introduced me to the mysteries of working with fire and ink. This sparked an unquenchable curiosity in me to experiment with this medium. Over several years I painstakingly developed methods that uniquely gives the fire freedom to express itself.


alcohol ink and fire landscape painting by Shauna Liora

“Dancing Light” fire and ink on tile, 16″ x 16″


The results are vibrant backgrounds that tell tales of starry skies filled with dancing northern lights, uniquely created by one of the five elements of nature.


artist Shauna Liora creating ink and fire art

Artist Shauna Liora creating fire art


There is a wildness that I have to accept when working with fire. I work with each piece repeatedly, using different techniques to allow the alchemy of the flame to transform ink on ceramic tile until it moves me.


ink and fire landscape painting of The Three Sisters by Shauna Liora

“Song of The Three Sisters” fire and ink on tile, 24″ x 24″


I then have the privilege of bringing it to life by painting or drawing all sorts of wilderness scenes—a sacred, two-part process. I immerse myself in a dance of vulnerability as the fire invites me into its story and helps me tell mine as an artist and adventurer.


alcohol and Ink painting of Mount Rundle by Shauna Liora

“Mount Rundle Reflecions” in front of Mount Rundle, ink and fire on tile, 16″ x 16″


I’ll never forget the day my dad took me up my first mountain. I was a flatlander kid who grew up in the wilds of Northern Ontario pulling fish out of frozen lakes. While on our way to visit family on the west coast, my brothers and I climbed the same peak my dad climbed when he was young.


ink and fire landscape painting of Assinaboine byShauna Liora

“Dreams of Assinaboine” fire and ink on tile, 8″ x 8″


Lost in the wonder of the wildflowers and mountaintop views, it is a day I will never forget—one that sparked a twenty-year career of guiding in the Rocky Mountains.


ink and fire painting of The Three Sisters by Shauna Liora

“Three Sisters Whispers” fire and ink on tile, 12″ x 12″


When paddling a river or climbing a peak, there’s a hunger that compels me to see what’s around the next corner. Following this curiosity always takes me to beautiful places, in both art and adventure.


alcohol and ink painting by Shauna Liora

“Floating Free” fire and ink on tile, 16″ x 16″


The fascinating thing about both adventure and art is that neither are necessary in any tangible way, and yet they both satisfy a need. It’s something we experience. Something that we feel. It calls to us and fills us.


ink and fire painting of bears by Shauna Liora

“Wide Eyed Wonder” fire and ink on tile, 24″ x 24″


It’s from this ephemeral place that I create. When I embrace the unknown, it surprises me. Like being on an adventure, each piece I create presents a fresh landscape full of possibilities. Since the fire is so free, it expresses what I can’t possibly put into words. It allows me to reveal the deeper parts of who I am with a natural vibrancy and intimacy.


artist Shauna Liora with her painting "Dancing Light"

Artist Shauna Liora with “Dancing Light” fire and ink on tile, 16″ x 16″


Like paddling down a river, starting a new piece fills me with excitement and uncertainty. I don’t know what’s coming. As I work with the fire, I often lose myself in the stories it tells me.  It’s an invitation to express my connection with the places I cherish and the free spirit of the wild.


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  1. Shauna,
    Your paintings bring two styles of painting together. The realism of the mountains and bears, then the beautiful freedom or abstract background. They compliment and work well together.

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